Reader Interactions


  1. Isabelle says

    Hey! I’m really happy that you can feel yourself again after all the time you felt restricted in being yourself! I think a lot of people have to struggle with that – everyone in their own ways. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in what people think about you that you try to adapt to that and make this picture how people perceive you happen. And I have that as well sometimes. Feeling like I would never really fit into specific groups – just always alternative and different. And then sometimes I have moments where I like certain stuff but then again my unconsciousness tells me that I shouldn’t do something, wear something, be this specific someone because it could make people wonder about you and their perceived image of yourself. But it’s about breaking out of it – like you did. Freeing your mind from those thoughts and just living for yourself. Because at the end of the day what matters is YOU. And how you want to spend your life. Listening to your own thoughts and ideas and feeling happy and content with the things you do.
    I think it’s really brave of you to open up yourself like that. Keep up the good work and be true to yourself!

  2. Amelia says

    I follow your content since 2010, it’s so nice to see that you want to be more open about your real character. For me it’s more interesting than constantly posting about pastel clothes. For example, I really liked your ig post about dyeing your sofa with a chalk paint cause it made me think about renovation of my own room.
    Good luck girl!

  3. Ailera says

    Glad to see you posting again! I relate to so much you wrote, I’ve been feeling stuck for years now, I feel like people expect same cute photography from me and don’t really care when I’m trying other things.. Hopefully you’ll keep posting, I’d definitely be interested to read your fiction/fanfiction if you consider sharing it

  4. Agatha says

    Hello! It makes me glad to see you being comfortable with who you are and not caring anymore about your internet (the “pink pastel princess”) persona. With big following it’s so easy to lose yourself since the fear of “what if they don’t like the real me” becomes too overwhelming.
    This post was like a breath of fresh air, I’d love to see your paintings or read about audiobooks you’ve recently listened to! And don’t be ashamed of your fanfiction, we’ve all been there, haha.
    Good luck and I hope that you’ll have fun 💕

  5. Selina says

    It’s always a problem when people make you feel like you’ve changed negatively when you don’t live up to their idea of what they think you are. I write fanfic and I don’t find it cringy. Feel free to post it so we can read it, I find that it is a hobby that really serves me well, it’s a source of happiness for me

  6. Izzy McLeod says

    Good to see you back! I mean people have to change eventually and I’m glad you’ve found the courage to. What always strikes me about people I know who are quite big on insta is just how much work goes into it, 80 hours a week?! That must be incredibly draining! Looking forward to future blog posts, and I’d say just write about whatever the heck ya feel like!

    The Quirky Queer

  7. Bruno from Switzerland says

    Dear Kayla
    Life changes, life goes on. Nice memories of your pink period (and of my Instagram-time, too, terminated in 2018). Nice to meet you again. You progressed, you make it. I wish you all the best.

  8. Cat says

    Thank you so much for this post and your honesty across all your social media recently, it has greatly inspired me. Love you Kayla xo