Hello friends! Please enjoy this kind of unrelated photo of me with a painting I haven’t worked on in months! Sorry its been a while. I sat down at my laptop an hour ago and instead of focusing on what

How I went from Black to Pink hair with minimal damage

The one thing people like to warn you about is that there is no coming back from dying your hair black. Why did I do it, you ask? I wanted to try it! I’ve been varying levels of blonde and


Hiya! I have taken up a not-so-new hobby! I have returned to the realms of painting. I used to paint when I was at college (I did btec art, so I mean, pretty self explanatory) and I’d kind of just..


Hiya! Hoping you’re all well 🙂 I just thought I’d pop on here to celebrate the fact that yesterday was my 10th blogging anniversary! Yep I’ve been doing this whole posting-my-outfits-online for ten years… a decade. Jesus christ. Whats weird

a games night with giffgaff

[this post contains a gifted partnership with giffgaff] Hellooo! Sorry its been so long since my previous post, clearly I’m not as focused as I once thought haha. However I am back again with another post about a games night

Why I stopped blogging. Online Identity and Social Media Addiction.

Hiya! Welcome back, or if you’re new here, welcome! I stopped blogging for some reason. It wasn’t on purpose, it just kind of stopped happening.  Looking back, I must admit that I became obsessed with chasing likes and followers on