Hiya! Hoping you’re all well 🙂 I just thought I’d pop on here to celebrate the fact that yesterday was my 10th blogging anniversary! Yep I’ve been doing this whole posting-my-outfits-online for ten years… a decade. Jesus christ. Whats weird

a games night with giffgaff

[this post contains a gifted partnership with giffgaff] Hellooo! Sorry its been so long since my previous post, clearly I’m not as focused as I once thought haha. However I am back again with another post about a games night

Why I stopped blogging. Online Identity and Social Media Addiction.

Hiya! Welcome back, or if you’re new here, welcome! I stopped blogging for some reason. It wasn’t on purpose, it just kind of stopped happening.  Looking back, I must admit that I became obsessed with chasing likes and followers on


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas, I had my first ever Christmas with my boyfriend so that was nice. We didn’t really do much but that was pretty much what we wanted.

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I just HAD to go on holiday after my rich husbands mysterious death… Ok ok, all joking aside, I went on holiday with my boyfriend to Lanzarote and we had a very nice time. I made him buy me wine


I thought it was about time for an update! Here are all my favourite items from the past month, theres lots of snuggly things as its bloody cold! (the below are affiliate links)