Hiya! I have taken up a not-so-new hobby! I have returned to the realms of painting. I used to paint when I was at college (I did btec art, so I mean, pretty self explanatory) and I’d kind of just.. stopped doing it over the years. Recently I’ve noticed theres been a bit of a surge of artists on instagram and its made me want to get back into it too!

It also helped that earlier last year I had a ton of furniture delivered which was all packaged in huge bits of cardboard and I thought to myself, ‘nahhhh can’t throw that away, that’d be good to paint on!’ And so here we are.

Although I can draw I’ve never really had a specific drawing style, sometimes its really detailed and lifelike and other times its cartoonish, and I never know which one I’m going to get! I really envy those with a strong illustrative style but I do at least have a specific painting style! Or colouring style, generally using whatever I can find to paint weird rainbow faces. When I was doing my GCSE I used to paint in nail varnish, which I’m sure was really great for my lungs! These paintings are done in acrylic, I’m interested in trying oil paint however I’m scared it will get everywhere as my mom always told me it takes a month to dry ahh!

Also, whilst I’m here, I’ve started a new instagram @greebogirl because I wanted a fresh start. Feel free to check it out as I’m posting everything fashion, hair and arty stuff over there too!

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