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  1. beneath the glass says

    those are the coolest docs i've ever seen…i realllly wanna make a pair now! and i love your leggings. your hair looks great faded like that, and i loved it in your earlier posts with the blue! mine was kinda fuschia/purple awhile ago, but having dark hair it doesn't show up that much. great blog! 🙂

    Beneath the Glass

  2. Helen says

    OM KAYLA you're really the best.
    i want to eat your hair, it's so wonderful.
    And the velvet with the glitter docs is PERFECT, xx

  3. Maria says

    I love your shoes! A funny idea and a fantastic result! It looks like you have used many different colours of glitter? And couldn't you post a "how to" on the proces of making these shoes because I really would like to know how you got from that brown colour to this amazing result (and maybe copy the idea) 😀 So some tips on how to do it would be the best!

  4. Laura Natalie says

    Wohoo, i havent been here for a while girl, but im so excited about new posts 🙂

    I love your docs, they look really cool.. ♥

    the only thing im always sad about when i open your blog is that all the brands and websites you talk about are not known here. or they dont send any clothes to my country. 🙁


  5. dogdaysaregone says

    girl, I love your style so much! You have so much of positive energy that is blowing my mind off :D! You are my inspiration, srsly hahah don't laugh at me for being a groupie ;d I reactivated my blog because of you and this time I will make photos of my outfits lol ;ddd Thank you! xxxx

  6. Tiffany says

    In love with your docs! If you don't mind, please share with us a tutorial! I have white docs and this would be fun to try! 🙂


  7. Alice says

    NOOOOO!!!?? You seriously made that? I love them! They're so gorgeous. You look stunning. They look so much nicer with the glitter! Lovely blog. Following (; xx

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