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  1. Alice Young says

    Orange is one of those colours that I've just never been able to make work. But it looks soooo good on you- and I always love the clash of pink and orange! Happy New Year, Kayla- I can't wait to see what fabulous outfits you wear in 2015.

  2. Nadya from says

    Happy New Year to you too!
    Love your boots. It is great to see the thigh high boot trend is back (I think first it was popular in 90s). I personally think the new silhouette – wedged sole and tight top – looks better than the old one, which did not have wedged sole. Back in 90s I used to have some prejudices towards it, but this new revamped style makes me want them!

  3. Kitschmoog says

    I hope , I'm not too late to wish a happy new year… I'm ready now to say " such a beautiful look " I love so much this way in fashion style ! the long sweater as a mini dress is pretty , the color is flashy and wonderful and the thigh high boots are a nice combination… in one sentence : All is perfect ! ♥ I love it.

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