Ive been on lookbook for a week now and I think everyone seems to have one of these, so I thought i'd make one too. As I'm new you might want to know a bit about me, my name is Kayla and I'm doing a BTEC art course at college, specializing in fashion and graphics... although we haven't started out specialisms yet, I'll start when I go back in January. I can already sew though, and I'm thinking of making a collection? If I do it will involve a lot of cream, baby pink/ peach colored chiffon and lots of dark velvet colors... I'm also thinking some leather? I don't want to discuss my ideas too much in case I fill you all with hope. Ahh but some day I'd like to set up a website and sell my one off pieces at topshopish kind of prices. Should I go get to work now?! Yes, I think I should.

I got a canon 450d this morning, and three lenses, well in fact I got the whole kit and my dad says its worth the same amount as the car outside so erm, I must be very careful with it.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. You dont know me like at all and I have no great pics ,so you haven't seen me before, wow. I feel like such a creep, but I'm super impressed with all of your work. You wanna be a designer and I have no idea what I want to be ,but i know it has to be dealing with fashion ! I feel weird,but I sorta look up to you.
    My names Courtney and I'm 15 ,in the US

  2. Haha this made me laugh, especially your Dad saying the camera was worth more than the car?! I'm brand new to this, but I think you're brilliant Kayla:)

  3. have read your whole blog dear, love it !!!

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy