I haven't updated since my first post, I am such a dedicated blogger. I created this blog to show you all my creations and clothing finds, neither of which I have done. Although I have been busy with college work... kind of

I bought some very nice vintage looking flowery material whilst at Birmingham Rag Market a few weeks ago and never made anything out of it, so last night after getting back from Birmingham (again) I decided to get to work on making myself a new skirt, quite a long one as my mom doesn't like me wearing short skirts out.

If anyone wants a tutorial I can of course make one, its very simple and doesn't require a pattern, just one meter of material and enough elastic to go around your waist (with 1.5cm seam allowance)


I was walking round Dunelm the other day in the hope I would find some nice material in the sale, I did not. In fact, I spent the last hour or so playing a game where I would walk from one end of the enormous shop to the other in the hope that when I got back to the other side my Nan, Grandad, Mom and Dad would of finished choosing the curtains they wanted. Ellie says that it is the result of being an only child.

Recently my great nan died, but she was old and it was expected, she had been in the hospital for a while and whilst I am upset I have accepted her death. The chest of draws in the picture above as well as the tin on the top belong to my nan, a lot of her jewlry which she has given me is in there and also the family felt it wise to give me my nans old knitting machine along with her two fur coats, one is 150 years old and belonged to my great, great, great nan. I still havent got the knitting machine out the box, once I learn how to use it I shall be in my element but until then it is a scary object which I will no doubt end up breaking when I find the instruction manual doesn't make sense.


Finally I must withdraw my support of being a customer to Topshop, and most other highstreet stores. I have gone over to the light, charity shops, vintage stores, fabric shops and markets are now my calling, especially Mary Stevens Hospice which sell some lovely clothes (well the one where I live does) Ive found five beautiful vintage items in there and the staff are always happy to chat, I want to get a job there for some work experience, I know it doesn't pay but to be able to look through bags of clothes and get first pick is something which I find really rather exciting! The only thing I haven't managed to find is a pair of jeans that fit me, so looks like Topshop will be seeing me as soon as I get bored of my 20 pairs of very boring 3 year old jeans.

Hope everyone is well xx.


  1. so sorry for your loss.
    but I think you have amazing sense of style and you should post more.
    I'm gonna follow you :)

    Theory of a fashion victim

  2. Hey thank you so much :)
    I'm just waiting for enough things to happen so that I can fit it all into a decent post :D


  3. i love your style. i love harry potter tooo :D i found your blog from your lookbook page. very nice.


  4. Your style is really cool, love it :D

  5. love your blog and your style :D

  6. I love your style ! Stunning !
    Following ! =)

  7. You have such a charming sense of style, I love your tights!