Someone asked me on my formspring when I was next going to update this and I realized its been almost a month, which isn't as bad as last time but I guess back then I had no followers, so hello new followers, thanks for following me!

I haven't really done anything particularly exciting in the last month, I anticipated that the Birmingham Vintage Fair held at the custard factory on Digbeth Street would be amazing. It was my birthday Friday and I asked for money instead of presents (as normal). The Vintage Fair was a bit of a let down, all I bought was three pairs of Mary Quant tights which are nice but I was really hoping I'd be able to get some really nice vintage blouses for summer because I think there going to be a main part of my summer wardrobe however all the blouses i saw were sizes 14-24, which would swamp me.

http://lookbook.nu/look/542775-the-camera-will-make-you-god (its not a very good picture so I might delete it sometime)

I did find one which was a beautiful Victorian inspired 1980's lace blouse with a high neck collar, the back was slightly discolored and looked a bit stained but it was well worth it if it was at the right price, unluckily it was £15 and I didn't want to spend that much on something that had a stain on it, so it went back on the rail.

The second item that I had in mind for my summer wardrobe was cardigans, which they had plenty of but they were all big and chunky which would be horrible to wear in warm weather. I was looking for some lace-looking cardies, in whatever material but with lots of detail, the sort that really are just for decoration and serve no other purpose than to make you look nice. I will have to keep visiting COW (the vintage shop also on the Digbeth Highstreet) which never seems to have cardigans but its like a charity shop, you've got to keep looking! Which reminds me, I now work at Mary Stevens Hospice, well actually its not work, I don't get paid because its volunteer work but I get to look at all the clothes before they get put out in the store and if I want any of them I can have them for half price so I think its well worth it! Ive only worked two days there and I've already bought a dress and a pair of black boots (which are a little ripped on the inside but I like them)

BOOTS >> http://lookbook.nu/look/539769-oh-dear-I-m-seventeen-now

This took me three hours to write so I think I'm going to stop now, oh wait last minuet, I went to the National Wedding Show at the NEC this morning, no I'm not getting married but I want to be a Seamstress/ Wedding dress maker when I'm older so I went to look round just to see the dresses and the sellers, on my way around me and my mom found a corset store and I've always been a fan of corsets and I idolize Dita Von Teese so anyway, the woman on the store was letting everyone try them on just to see what they were like so I thought, ahhhhhhh i MUST try one of those on! They feel so amazing, I love the way it feels like everything's held in, despite the fact I had a little trouble breathing. It was a properly steel boned corset! Here's the picture, I look a bit silly...

Thanks everyone who's following me hope you have a good day, and erm, I'll update, soon-ish... xx.


  1. So sweet pix Kayla ;* Cheers http://dannebrexton.blogspot.com/

  2. i love all of these :) you have great style!

  3. i like your blog <: you have a great sense of style !

  4. Love these, you do have great style!
    I love vintage stuff, you got some great deals.
    Iove Poppy

  5. Your waist is insanely skinny! Love your blog :)