I found the most amazing jeans, ever! The sort which you would see in topshop and think damn, those are some nice trousers and then look at the price tag and think holy crap! Then walk out of the store and wish that you would win the lottery so that you could one day own those amazing pair of jeans. Well I have two amazing pairs now, one is floral and I had to go do some DIY to them and turn them into shorts because they were three quaters and I didn't like them, the others are blue with white spots, like these (got this picture off the topshop website)

So anyway these jeans, I got them from the charity shop 'Save The Children' which are dotted around the UK and in almost every town thats bigger than a postage stamp, they were £1.50 each which was amazing and although they don't have white hearts on them, they have white dots! In my eagerness to write about them I haven't actually taken any pictures yet, so I'll go do that now (:

---------------------------------------------------- 3 hours later....

Here are the jeans, sorry about the dodgy picture, I'm determined to do an update asap, maybe in the next update you'll see the lovely carefully taken photography that will be on my lookbook :) Also I took the picture after I cut them up but oh well, you still get the idea. I'm now thinking that I should of kept them long and just sewn the legs up so they were skinny... but then again they were three quarters so I guess shorts was the only way to go. and there are the shorts... they look pretty rad and once I've posted this I'm gonna take a picture for lookbook with them on :D

I'm definatly going to have to make these into skinny jeans, they almost reach my ankle so I'm going to fold them over like on the topshop picture, I think once there finished they will look pretty cool... I'm not going to do anything just yet so if anyone has any good ideas please tell me (:

I'm thinking of trying out the knitting machine now its finally the holiday (three week holiday yay!) I want to make a Weasley jumper, I'm really surprised that Warner Brothers haven't done that already because that would be a huge harry potter money spinner! I know I'd defiantly buy one..

Thanks for reading :)


  1. i have incredible floral envy over those jeans.

  2. ahhh i love those jeans so much! truly an amazing bargain.

  3. Your blog is amazing, I like it a lot.

  4. dude, those are some mighty fine jeans you blagged!! my charity shops mainly sell crap :L lol
    following :)

  5. im so jealous! i did volunteer work at 'save the children' for about 6 months, and i bought a cricket jumper and a macaroon t-shirt :)

    niiiice blog <3


  6. hi kayla~
    really liked your lookbook, so i came here. (unfortunately, i don't have a lb myself. don't have a code!)
    anyway. somehow i found your hogwarts rpg site? i've rp'd for like way too long (since i was ...12-ish) and now i'm 15.
    just wondering who on there you are? just joined, a minute ago. anyway. if you could let me know. (: looks fun.
    ---taylor, or "pash"/pash harlow leave on the site

  7. oh, i look to the site now. are you lavender finnegan?

  8. Aha yes thats me :)
    and thank youuu (: I can send you an invite if you want

  9. Love charity shops!Your blog is awesome!

  10. really? to lookbook.nu? that would be great! wow. herecomesthesun@q.com or just pm me at your site. (pash)

  11. your'e got a interesting view of fashion, its refreshing and inspiring :)

    x Olivia


  12. Hay girl! How are you?
    It's my first time on your blog and I really like it! Nice pictures and style.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!

    Love, Cindy.