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  1. sophie! says

    I love your style. I really fancy looking in charity shops now, reading all these blogs have inspired me a lot. I might go some time with my nan cause she goes all the time. Once I get some good bargains I'm sure I'll get some other people to come with me. I'm really keen on those men's blouses too:)

  2. Zoe says

    This is an awesome post! I just came across your blog by chance, and I'm glad I did.

    Your blog makes me smile.

  3. Kat says

    yay, i love your blog! my mum bought that new look dress 😛 hehe
    i love your vintage blouses! i'm going to be selling a double breasted silk like paisly one on my ebay for 99p if you're interested?

    i used to be the same about maxi dresses, though i'm a shortie too :L lol i like the maxi skirts too, with loose nude vests or t-shirt blouses?

  4. Kayla Hadlington says

    Sure Kat, send me the link? 🙂

    Yeaah! a few years ago chanel did a long blue maxi skirt and a nice white crisp blouse it was lovelyy! I reckon I'd only be able to get away with one on holiday haha

    & thank you everyone 🙂

  5. Your Lady. says

    I love the Urban Outfitters peter pan collar dress to! My charity shops are definatly not as good as everyone elses nor do we hardly have carboots! x

  6. beccaa. says

    did you ever post the skirt tutorial? been meaning to get making something all year and now it's summer i can't make up anymore excuses! 🙂 x