Its been ages since I posted, I say that every time I know but ah well. I like to write a nice long post rather than posting loads of pictures because really you can see them all on my lookbook and tumblr anyway so there's no point of me reposing them here. Anyway, since I've been away I've been on holiday to wales and bought lots of new clothes, I've also finished college so now I'll really be able to get round to actually doing stuff like shopping, making clothes and maybe even updating my blog once in a while!
It seems I've become a personal shopper on formspring. One person asked me what i would recommend from a certain store/ stores with a certain amount of money. So I looked around the shops online for items of clothing which I would recommend which fitted in with their requirements and i came up with some outfits. Everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea and also started asking me what I recommend, especially on a budget. If I'm honest, I really enjoy stuff like this, its fun and I love shopping for other people so if anyone ever wants some help I'm here unless I'm busy with college work. Also I thought it'd be fun to put down a few of my recommendations here in my blog.. so here goes.
For a few days I've been thinking about maxi dresses. I hated them when they came out but for some reason I've become rather fond of them, not that I have any, I think I'm too young? A 5ft 3 petite 17 year old should really be wearing a floor length dress should they. Either way, your the one reading this and you might not be a 5ft 3 17 year old, so I thought I would mention a few maxi dresses that I've found online that I like.

This sheer dress is really nice, Its from Topshop. I like how it covers the whole body yet its still see through, you could wear a really sparkly body con dress underneath or just a bikini or swimming costume, or maybe some distressed denim shorts with a white bikini top? I however wouldn't be able to do this because I live in the middle of England and although I am surrounded by water it takes about 2-3 hours to get there and the temperature never really exceeds 20ÂșC however if you live in a hot country, I'm sure this would be lovely.

Sheer dress on Topshop website

I also really love this dress from Urban Outfitters, although it is a little expensive but look how cute it is! I think it would go really well with these lace cream and pink tights from Topshop,
although I think some people might find that a bit too much cream? If it is, and its a cold day i'd say wear some thick cotton tights in either brown or khaki, black would go well too if your going for a bolder look..
I also really love these sandals, there from Schuh. I think they'd go really well with anything neutral, although they are new the leather looks worn and vintage, without looking as if it may fall apart. Also the style of the buckles aren't very in your face gold, which I like, and finally, they don't look like your average strappy gladiator shoe, there nice and simple but still look quite cool.

This bag is so cute! I saw it whilst I was out shopping in Birmingham, its also from Urban Outfitters. It looks a little like an old mini vintage camera bag, you cant squeeze anything into it because its more like a box than a bag. It's also very small, you'd probably only be able to fit your phone, headphones, purse, lipstick and bus pass in there, but I'd say it would be worth it.

Dress from Urban Outfitters

Tights from TopshopSandels from SchuhBag from Urban Outfitters

Seeing as its been a month since I've posted, I've made quite a lot of new purchases, all of which were quite cheap, one of my most recent items was this vintage black and red bomber jacket which I got from the charity shop where I work. I've only worn it out once because as soon as i bought it england decided to become unusually hot. I'm going to continue to buy lots of coats and warm things in the hope it will encourage the sun to come out, just so i cant wear them. Theres always winter...
lucky gasper” on LOOKBOOK.nu: http://lkbk.nu/look/763021

I've been looking for some jeans like these for ages! They are truly amazing, I can't believe I found them, it was like love at first sight. There not levi 501's there actually calvin klein so quite a good find! They also fit me as there a UK size 6 (I am unusually shaped)
LOOKBOOK.nu: drawing pictures of innocent times

I also bought this lovely silky blouse from the charity shop where I work, its really nice and I can wear it with leggings and a belt too because its quite long. Its really easy to make it look nautical by putting it with something blue or red, thats why I teamed it with the blue suspenders which are also from the chairty shop. I love the buttons detail and the fact that there on either side of the collar, it makes it stand out from the average blouse.
LOOKBOOK.nu: rock paper scissors

When I'm feeling lazy, or I havent got much time I find it easy to put on a pair of leggings, an oversized vintage mans shirt and a belt, like this outfit here. Everything but the leggings are from a charity shop, I'm not even embarrassed to look through the mens clothes anymore, I love them, and I have loads of these shirts because there so simple and easy to wear with things.
LOOKBOOK.nu: love me hate me kiss me kill me

Guess where I got this blouse! Couldn't be a charity shop.... Ok so it might

of been a charity shop. I love it, it was great to wear during the hot days that
we had last week because it shows my tummy, and its lovely and floral too and
goes so well with acid wash jeans!

The colour version of this picture was deleted off lookbook because it wasn't head to knees, but ah well. The blouse, once again, I got from a charity shop. I love the pattern, it makes me look like a cow girl which is a bit strange but I like to look a bit unusual occasionally.

Finally this is my last look which I took on holiday in my room with the pretty wallpaper. I bought this dress, no, not at a charity shop! In fact this dress is from New Look. I'd seen it in there quite a few times but always thought it wasn't nice enough for me to pay £25 for it, however in Wales it seems that the country as a whole are a year behind in fashion and so they had all the most amazing things in the sale, rather than the crap stuff, so I stocked up on a lot of highstreet clothes there. No offense to any fashion conscious people in wales, I'm sure there are quite a few individuals there who are very fashionable, its just what I've noticed over the past few years of visiting.

LOOKBOOK.nu: this circle never ends


I made this skirt the other day and took some pictures while I did it, its very simple, if you want to make a quick and easy skirt then this is definitely one for you, its very like the skirts which they sell in Urban Outfitters under the Urban Renewal section, you can also find them in almost any vintage shop. The only thing bad about them is the price tag so this is a cheap option! You can customize it with gold buttons, lace, whatever you want. You wont even need a pattern! I'll be posting this up in a few days so keep looking!

Thanks for reading everyone! x x


  1. I love your style. I really fancy looking in charity shops now, reading all these blogs have inspired me a lot. I might go some time with my nan cause she goes all the time. Once I get some good bargains I'm sure I'll get some other people to come with me. I'm really keen on those men's blouses too:)

  2. This is an awesome post! I just came across your blog by chance, and I'm glad I did.

    Your blog makes me smile.

  3. You have amazing style! I love your outfits! ^^

  4. yay, i love your blog! my mum bought that new look dress :P hehe
    i love your vintage blouses! i'm going to be selling a double breasted silk like paisly one on my ebay for 99p if you're interested?

    i used to be the same about maxi dresses, though i'm a shortie too :L lol i like the maxi skirts too, with loose nude vests or t-shirt blouses?


  5. Love the skirt, and all your buys.


  6. Sure Kat, send me the link? :)

    Yeaah! a few years ago chanel did a long blue maxi skirt and a nice white crisp blouse it was lovelyy! I reckon I'd only be able to get away with one on holiday haha

    & thank you everyone :)

  7. Love your hair!!!! specially on your lookbook:)

  8. I love the Urban Outfitters peter pan collar dress to! My charity shops are definatly not as good as everyone elses nor do we hardly have carboots! x

  9. Hah! A girl from my school wore that dress from UO
    to her graduation party, I was wondering where she got it.

  10. did you ever post the skirt tutorial? been meaning to get making something all year and now it's summer i can't make up anymore excuses! :) x