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  1. Isabel says

    I'm so glad you did a post, today! That was exactly what I needed and has inspired me so much to make charity shopping a regular thing. I love charity shopping and admire people who do it ever so much but I just sometimes can't find the courage to do so. I'm definitely stacking it into my weekly routine though. Can't go wrong with a floral blouse, right? I follow your lookbook, formspring and youtube, and obviously your blog, and I cannot wait for your hair tutorial up. So excited! You are so pretty and should consider being a model but obv- you should encourage your dreams, not others' To be honest, I'd like to see more of your day outings, the social part of your life – even if it's barely existant. It'd be nice to see you happy! Have a lovely evening, babe!
    Lots of love,
    Izzy –

  2. Kayla Hadlington says

    Aww I love getting replys like this! Thank you ever so much 🙂 and goood get out there and do some charity shopping :D!

    I'd love to be a model, if only I could style my own photoshoots haha!

    I could probably try and squeeze my social life in a little bit haha 😀

    Yeah you too! 🙂

  3. sophie! says

    I love reading posts like this! It definitely makes me want to start shopping in charity shops, especially since you found something identical in urban outfitters. I think I need a bit more courage though, I'll have to show this to my mum to prove her that you can get nice things so she can come with me:)
    Ooh, I'm really looking forward to all your tutorials. I do hope some day you will be able to own your own shop, good luck m'dear x

  4. Kat says

    kayla, i LOVE all your clothes!! and now i want some floral blouses, you pull them off really well (: i really like the bleach shorts, i bought some levis ones from a charity shop today, literally snatched them off the hanger! lmao there VERY small, but just about fit! i love them too much to sell them anyway 😛 hehe
    oh, and that embroided denim shirt is awesome!

  5. ninhkinpOop says

    you're so lovely! & also lucky to find those awesome pieces in charity shops. I found you on and your look is definately hype`d! I hope that one day you do get to open your own shop and sell the things you love. xoxo.

  6. Kayla Hadlington says

    Thanks for all the comments everyone 😀

    sophie if you mom doesnt want you to then go on your ownnn 😀 whos gonna know, tell her its from a vtg shop if you get anything :):)

    Kat i missed out on buying that stripy shirt of yours 🙁 I was out when it ended ¬_¬ stupid me haha. I saw your shorts on lookbook there rad 😀 i just went to look again, i commented but didnt hype, i keep doin that ive gotta remember to actually hype >.< haha!

    Bobby Dazzler loadssssss, if i see a charity shop, no matter where it is, i go in and have a look because you never know where you'll find something they turn up at the most unexpected places aha

    Klara – Bernadette thank youu, i shall takes a look

    helgalensky – i gave my reasons, dunno if you read them or not but i believe my purchase was justifyed. Its your opinion though i know the feeling to some people of wearing actual real fur is dreadful so yeah :):)

    Frannie Anne – there everywhere man! every surrounding town, all over the countryyyy!

    bethanycharles – hehe thank you :):)

    ninhkinpOop – aha thank youus 🙂 yesss i hope so too!! <3

  7. Marie-V says

    Wow, I've just found my new favourite blog!
    I really liked your post,
    I have to find some charity shops in my neighborhood!
    It's interesting how you think about fur coats.
    I never buy leather (I'm a vegetarian) exept when It's second-hand.

  8. Lauren says

    Like everybody else whos commented im now converted into a charity shopper 😀 places like topshop have got more expensive every season its ridiculous.
    I went into a local Help The Aged and got 2 excellent pieces for £5 it made my week 🙂
    You have a truely inspiring blog its what motivated me to recently join the blogging world 🙂

  9. Tara says

    I love charity shopping! Haha I'm thankful I have a patient boyfriend that doesn't mind waiting as I sort through all the racks.
    I love your looks on LB, but I don't have an account to comment on them! Great blog 🙂

  10. Lunatic Fringe says

    Such good finds!
    I usually make shorts myself, I get old vintage trousers that aren't entirely skinny on me and after cutting it I just fold and hem. Sounds boring but should manage to do one leg in a couple of hours 🙂 Ana

  11. Bridget Munyarari says

    hey! i am in LOVE with your blog…hope you open up a store! ;D

    i was just wondering..which charity shop did you get your peachy floral blouse cause i have been looking for one && i cant seem to find one for a good price :/


  12. Mae Manahan says

    I love your style and your bio is very impressive! I want to shop on charity stores too! I found your blog through LookBook! I followed you already, please follow me too. 🙂 thanks!

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