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  1. Jade Gillett says

    Ahh i think the skirt things a great idea i was going to attempt to make it but decided my sewing skills arent good enough 🙁 Do it, do it, do it muahahaa 🙂 <3


  2. erin :) says

    i love your clothes! i found your blog via lookbook and you have great style. i really like the way you take/edit your photos. i wish i could take mine like that.

    and thanks for following my tumblr. 🙂

    lovely blog!
    erin 🙂

  3. Kayla Hadlington says

    Thank you everyone for your replies 😀 I'mma gonna make some skirts soon then and the shoes will go on ebay soon too 😀

    Martina Camil·la: apply for a membership 🙂 thank youu i'l check out your blog 😀
    Signé: Marie B thank youu :):)
    Lucia Del Pasqua : I would loveee to, I don't think I got your email, mine is

    and rachel lily my 200th follower aha 😀

  4. MusicLuffler says

    Personally, I find Urban Renewal annoying. Sometimes they come out with a great-looking item, but it's always insanely overpriced, like $78 or something. Ontop of that, it's like faux-vintage for hipsters who are too lazy to actually shop at thrift stores. I feel like Urban Outfitters is trying to sell the idea of vintage, without the cheap cost or unique shopping experience you'd typically have. You should make your own skirts 🙂

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