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  1. Kat says

    hahaha, i go abit crazy when the sales start, especially in topshop… D:
    hopefully they'll still be some stuff left when i go down south this weekend, SO excited as i'll be checking out brick lane and camden market for the first time! 😀

  2. thelonelyteapot. says

    I love these items you've picked out from the sales, there's loads of them around at the minute, and it's so tempting to buy things just because they're cheap! I bought the most perfect dress from urban outfitters the other day, only to receive it all bleached and totally unwearable! However, that candy striped shirt is adorable, it makes me want to run out to charity shops to find something similar!


  3. Katie says

    i LOVE your blog. So happy I found it.To be honest I want to do basically what you do in the future – the whloe making clothes, tea shop, designing etc etc. All the best. I am definetely following. (: Much love from New Zealand. x
    Please visit my blog sometime.
    You are so cute and gorgeous by the way, I love all your lookbook looks.

  4. Pru says

    I discov your blog on lookbook and i think you are an inspiration for me ! I love all of your skirts and i would love know how you creating them . Your are beautiful and creativee on all of your pictures.Excuse my english i'm a french

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