Firstly I want to apologize if the images are always all over the page and in the wrong place, I have a really wide screen and it doesn't even look right on here, so I've checked on other computers and it looks terrible and on other it looks perfect, so I'm not sure how to get it right really because the edit box + preview box is completely a different size and shape to the actual page when I post it.. Which doesn't help. But anyway onto more interesting stuff..

If I am not terribly mistaken, it seems the sales might be ending soon and there are further reductions everywhere so everything seems to be going dirt cheap ! As I haven't actually taken new photos of the things I've bought over the past few weeks (my room is a mess its like trying to cross a war zone, I fall over my own feet when I go in there) I'm going to post some links to the reduced stuff that I really like and recommend. I was going to do this in my last post but it turned out to be very long and I thought you might all fall asleep reading it.

I was looking through the topshop sale and nothing really seemed to be catching my eye until i found these jeans, which i've seen before many times but never actually seen anyone wearing them outside topshop. I think there a great statement peice yet at the same time there not so in your face because there gray rather than bright floral colours.
Texas Floral Skinny Jean - Topshop - £20

I couldn't find anything else from the Topshop sale that I liked so I moved onto Urban Outfitters and this is what I found. I'm really into the pastel vintage-like prints so I really liked this oversized shirt, also at the back it has a kinda draw string which i think shows off a figure so you get the best of both worlds, from the front your wearing something oversized and baggy and at the back, its long and quite baggy but nipped in at the waist.

Free People Borrowed Boyfriend Shirt - Urban Outfitters - £19.99

I also love the Metallica tee, mainly because i love band tees and although I don't listen to Metallica i guess i do kind of listen to similar bands, but don't quote me on that as i've only heard a few of their songs. I think this top goes with loads of things, you can wear it with a pretty puffball skirt, ripped tights and doc martens or you could wear it with jeans and it'd still look really cool. You could even wear it under a strapless dress or one of those bralets to make it a little less "Omg, yes, I'm only wearing a bralet! LOOK AT MY BREASTS" although that doesn't really counts with the none-see through ones aha.

Metallica Tee - Urban Outfitters - £9.99

From New Look I found two more desirable items both of which are quite cheap..

I still really like khaki, and these kind of tapered trousers because there very flattering and go with loads of things, as long as its nothing blue. Blue and green should never be seen but the world will end if you put khaki and blue together in my opinion.

Button Pocket Chino Trousers - New Look - £14

I also really like the cropped floral blouse, the colours are really nice and it looks very flattering although it may only suit those with a smaller waist, but if not it could always be hidden with highwaisted trousers or shorts, such as the chino trousers above I think they would go well together !

Cropped Floral Shirt - New Look - £8

Miss Selfridge is definately the place to find beautiful dresses in my opinion. Looking at the sale I think I've fallen in love, there are so many beautiful dresses to choose from but here are some of my favorites.

This dress is amazing, a lovely colour, the textures are really nice and I love how they've added some detail with the buttons and the lace for sleeves!

Pink Lace Sleeve Dress - Miss Selfridge - £12

I love the detail across the chest on this one, also the silkyness of the fabric is really nice I think it a bit like the underwear as outerwear thing but instead its nightwear as party wear or something like that, some stores have started selling nightgown-like dresses and i think this looks like its made from the same material yet at the same time its definitely not a night gown!

Cream Embellished Drop Waist Dress - Miss Selfridge - £20

Finally, seeing as I have to go to work now I've found one last amazing thing I want to show you. This floral blouse is also from Miss Selfridge, they have a lot of cute vintage style clothes which don't actually look vintage but definitely show that they've looked to the past for some inspiration and this is one of them. Its like the floral blouses I bought from the charity shop which I showed in my previous post. If you can't find one in your charity shops then this one would be nice instead as its only a tiny bit more than something you would find in a charity shop.

Floral Ditsy Printed Shirt - Miss Selfridge - £7

I hope I've maybe posted some things which some of you might now go out and buy :)

I'm off to work, thank you very much for reading !
Kayla x x x

PS. don't forget to do the vote at the side of the page, its just about what size you are; I'm doing a little bit of market research as to what sizes are the most popular. Thanks !


  1. LOVE the miss selfridge dress and the new look top. Wish I hadn't already spent my money in the sales. I voted at the side

  2. hahaha, i go abit crazy when the sales start, especially in topshop... D:
    hopefully they'll still be some stuff left when i go down south this weekend, SO excited as i'll be checking out brick lane and camden market for the first time! :D

  3. I love these items you've picked out from the sales, there's loads of them around at the minute, and it's so tempting to buy things just because they're cheap! I bought the most perfect dress from urban outfitters the other day, only to receive it all bleached and totally unwearable! However, that candy striped shirt is adorable, it makes me want to run out to charity shops to find something similar!


  4. i LOVE your blog. So happy I found it.To be honest I want to do basically what you do in the future - the whloe making clothes, tea shop, designing etc etc. All the best. I am definetely following. (: Much love from New Zealand. x
    Please visit my blog sometime.
    You are so cute and gorgeous by the way, I love all your lookbook looks.

  5. I discov your blog on lookbook and i think you are an inspiration for me ! I love all of your skirts and i would love know how you creating them . Your are beautiful and creativee on all of your pictures.Excuse my english i'm a french

  6. I love your blog so much! You live such a colorful life, and great fashion sense! I absolutely adore it (: Such an inspiration! You should visit my blog sometime -

    Happy Blogging!