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  1. juliabbz says

    you really inspire me to shop in charity shops more because you always seem to find such beautiful things, i'm in love with the blue dress with the lace at the top! and all that jewelry is absolutely gorgeous.

    Julia xx

  2. thelonelyteapot. says

    Since I've started to read your blog I've always wanted to go out charity shopping more! I think I need to practice at finding the good buys though, I'm too safe and buy things I already have.. That skirt you made is absolutely gorgeous, I didn't know tie-dying velvet was possible but I guess it is!


  3. Sarah Margeurite says

    You've definitely inspired me to go second-hand shopping. You have such an amazing sense of style, and the photos you take are all so gorgeous. I love your blog and I'm always excited to see your new looks on Lookbook. Keep it up!

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  4. chlochlo. says

    that the blue lacey blouse is beautiful, honestly i wouldn't of ever stepped into a charity shop but, you've seemed to change my mind! im hitting them tomorrow :}

  5. Ashlee Chang says

    how you dislike shopping at department stores because they're too pricey is so cool. you prove that there's so much more out there for less, and they're such beautiful clothes. 🙂 your looks on LB inspire me! i hope you do go into the fashion industry 😀

  6. Instant Flowers says

    oh wow. selfmade, like whaaaat? so amazing.
    and btw your hair is loveeee.
    this was the first time I saw your blog. I love your description <3
    "these days I hardly ever shop at high street stores because I think there a bit of a rip off, the clothes are nice but the prices aren't. I work in a charity shop, I don't get paid but I get first pick at the clothes which come in which I love. "
    Omg, working in a charity shop. So cool.

  7. Anisa says

    how on earth do you find such great peices?! charity shops these days are full of boring clothes that are overpriced. your blog is so inspiring, i love your peices. xxxxx
    ps, mini's make me happy too!

  8. MusicLuffler says

    your blue dress is soooo pretty 🙂 I love how you find quirky vintage items and make them look cool again. I usually only keep up with your lookbook, but your blog is great too, so I'll start reading it more often! It would be awesome to see a tutorial on how you distressed all your shorts. I've been trying to do the same with a pair of mine but I bet I'm not going about it the right way (sandpaper?).

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