I had my hair highlighed on thursday. Its been about 5 months since I had it done and I had them all the way through so now I feel like my hair is super blonde! I had it done at one of the colleges beauty salons near where I live, and they did a really good job, it was like being at a professional salon! It almost looks like an all over colour but I like it, and it was only £15 so for the amount of foils they put in it was good value! Only downside was that it took 5 hours because there students and everything has to keep being checked on by the tutors. Unfortunately it was really damaged at the bottom so its had a lot chopped off.. well, ok the other day I took an inch off the bottom myself but it was like split end central!

I hate the bottom picture haha, I kept trying to smile but it just turned into a weird goofy smile, or maybe its just the weird pose.. Ah well

EDIT: I'm doing something really cool tomorrow (why I got my hair highlighed in the first place) and I'll put pics up either tomorrow night or monday!