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  1. Elephant Gun says

    I just love your blog!!
    But i have always the same problem:
    I don't know where I have to write the comment. It's all black, so…
    But your blog it's amazing anyway.
    Hope u gonna like mine!

  2. Lucy says

    Heyy! I found you by typing in 'charity shop teenagers' into google for a uni project haha and found your lookbook page 🙂
    LOVE your style, very me especially the one in the bight coloured sports wear! Congrats in being in the book! My best friend Carrie ( is too and i HAVE to find time to sit and look through it all. Best wishes 🙂

  3. Morven says

    Hi Kayla! I literally just picked up this book in UO and opened it and there you were! You're my favourite lookbooker so I was actually like YAY! Congrats, you absolutely deserve to be in here.
    Morven xx

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