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  1. Georgie Lowen says

    We have had snow up here (ABERDEEN) for a week, photos will be uploaded in my next post. But, EVERYONE is hating it here because the council are really bad for the clearing the roads and pavements. Everyone ends up calling in sick, crashing their car or the end up in A&E!
    BUT I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!


    (Chanel giveaway when I hit 100 followers)

  2. Dana Lee says

    Even if it didn't accept you yet, why should that stop you from blogging? You are amazing and you have so many fans, just because Teen Vogue didn't contact you back yet, just remember that you have countless of fans that love you! 🙂
    You bloggers and snow are making me jealous of my situation (it's far too hot here!)

  3. Sid says

    i love snow as well. birmingham was like the last pace to get snow, but it finally did sunday night. im going to clothes show too, but on wednesday.
    love your jumper, very christmassy

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