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  1. Isabella says

    You lucky thing! They're gorgeous! 🙂 And if I click on the images, they comes up in better quality.
    Congrats on 700+ followers!
    & How cool that the book is sold in Urban Outfitters, I think very 😀 Must buy it someday.

  2. Jackie says

    Congrats on the followers! J'adore your shoes! I have a pair of boots just like those but mid calf… i am on the search for ones similar to yours!

    And I just ordered Style Diaries on Amazon! Can't wait to get it!


  3. Maddy says

    i love that you shop at charity shops, that's about all i do too because i have no money for clothes! it's awesome to see your creativity in all of your looks, you do so much with your outfits. it's so admirable! so thanks for that ♥ and these shoes are great, i love the way they look so loved (:

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