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  1. sophie! says

    you looked lovely!
    i have a blackberry and yeah you need wifi to have a good internet connection. if you're on bt or whatever it is, they're doing something to have a wifi connection when you're out of the house. i haven't actually tried it yet but my stepdad told me about the letter he received today so i might try it out.
    i don't know how long mine takes to load when i'm not connected to a wifi cause whenever i go on i am. i'll have to see sometime.


  2. Spence. says

    Awesome outfit, I love your leggings! I got a pair in black for christmas, the texture's so interesting… I looked at some of your older posts btw. and I've gotta say you really have incredible style, I'm deffinately following 😉

    Hope your having a wonderful christmas m'dear!

  3. fay says

    leggings look wicked ive never seen them in primark though, thought they were topshop! also i envy whoever got the toblerone under your tree <3 haha xxoxox

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