Slowly Recall All Your Mind

This was what I wore on Wednesday, it was really cold, I had three more jumpers on under that one!

The Jumper is from a charity shop, it was only £1, I think the volunteers there must have thought it was ugly because its old and so they were selling it cheaply. My scarf was from primark, I bought it about 2 years ago, its from the mens section, I couldn't find any I liked in the womens. The pocket watch is from a Jewelers at a Car Boot Sale, it was only £3. I had seen them before in Urban Outfitters and I really wanted one so when I saw this one at the car boot sale I had to get it! My jeans are from Primark, there a really dull khaki colour, but I like them, it makes them a bit different from the average blue jeans, I think they were £8. I get most of my jeans from primark, mainly because there cheap and seem to be just as good as any other jeans. The shoes are my nans, she gave them to me this summer and I haven't worn them yet but they are really comfy!

I wish blogspot wouldn't resize my images to this small, I don't understand why it does it, and if I try to make them bigger there pixelated :( This should hopefully be my first post on Teen Vogue Fashion Click! EDIT: Yep, here it is! http://fashion.teenvogue.com/2010/12/slowly-recall-all-your-mind

Thanks for reading!


  1. That jumper is so amazing! For a pound as well! What a find x

  2. wow It's cute :) !

  3. That is so good for a pound! I like it! And £3 pound for a pocket watch? So good!
    You look great :)

    Eeep, Teen Vogue <3 COOL!!


  4. The jumper is awesome! :D I love it too!!! wow 1 Euro O_O :D :D :D anyway I love your jeans too!!!! Its okay with small pics!!!!

  5. The jumper is so cute and tacky at the same time...I like it! Congratulations on Teen Vogue! :)


  6. that jumper is adorable, i love jumpers like this! and what a bargain too xx

  7. I love the jumper, it's lovely and cute. Plus it seems to be really warm which is always a huge bonus in this winter weather! :)


  8. loove this outfit :)
    you're pretty :)

    x http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  9. I've been keeping my eye out for a jumper like this for ages. A quid? I'm very jealous.

  10. im not even kidding, i want your clothes. looking at your blog makes me want to cry at how shitty my fashion sense is.
    where do you find all of it? xo

  11. I love your style!!! Its perfect!!!

    Come visit me :)


    xoxo Summer * NEW FOLLOWER!

  12. WOW!
    that's so good, well done :)
    I Love cheap charity shop finds, they make my life haha!

  13. I love your WHOLE outfit!
    It's so beautiful !
    And wow TEENVOGUE ♥

    You should maybe try photobucket.com
    upload it onto there and then put it on your blog :)
    It'll post up your actual picture size

  14. Yourrr outttfiiitt iss amazinnnnnggg ! i loveeeeee the necklace, the shoes, the sweaterr everythinggg!
    you've got an amazing style!
    & omggg! TEEN VOGUE :O .
    thats sick :) keep up the amazing blog.