When this memory fades, I'm gonna make sure it's replaced

This was yesterday's outfit. I love this jumper so much, it was the first vintage jumper I ever bought, in fact its probably the first vintage thing I ever bought. I got it from a really good quality vintage store at Clothes Show Live 2009, the store was full of amazing and what looked like genuine good quality authentic vintage clothes, I got two jumpers for £30 which at the time I thought it was a pretty good deal, and I still kind of do seeing as I haven't been able to find a store as good as this since. I wish I could remember the name..

I can't remember where I got the skirt from, I've had it since I was about 9, I cut it really short when I was about 14 and now its really frayed but I like it!

The tights are from Topshop, they were £8 which I think is an absolute rip off for tights seeing as a few weeks later I saw them in Primark for £2

The shoes are from Primark, I need some new ones as those have really gone out of shape..

I got the head scarf from a charity shop.

Thanks for reading!
Kayla x x x


  1. you look amazing! *as usual*
    please check out my blog?
    following you ;)

  2. when i saw this on lookbook i cried with happiness!

    that jumper is so gorgeous.

    annoying about the tights :( stock up on primark ones cos they ladder pretty quick! - well mine did.


  3. Absolutely love your style and blog, featured you on mine!
    Keep up the chic look!

  4. gorgeous outfit. your hair is amazing too! how do you get it like that? it's lush :) xx


  5. Gorgeous jumper! It's really lovely.. & I don't really know which tights to recommend, but I'd say go inbetween & go to New Look. I bought some and they lasted a few months, but the primark ones ripped first time of wear!


  6. i love the jumper, you're so pretty.
    and i love your hair! gah, i wish you'd do a tutorial. i'm sure you've mentioned something before about not wanting to. which i guess is up to you really.

  7. Awww It's awesome style:)
    love ur hair and guitar

  8. subscribed to rss because of this outfit (which I found on LB!)—so pretty.

    also I second everyone's comments about your hair!

  9. Saw you on TeenVogue's site - LOVE what you've got going on here. Ahhmazing. Jumper = perfection. :)

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  10. I just LOVE your hair.
    Really cute outfit.
    Merry Christmas!


  11. such a gorgeous outfit, and you hair is totally to die for!

  12. This is such a cute outfit! I love the jumper and headscarf! :)

  13. i'm honestly in love with this look! and i'm so pleased some one else does their hair like me, up in the headscarf :L anyway this is gorgeous! :) also i'm just starting out in blogging have a read please :) http://bobbypinsandbeautifulthings.tumblr.com/

  14. i really love your style girl! so inspiring. gorgeous vintage find! i loove jumpers and esp knit ones. becoming a follower on here and blog lovin' :). def coming back for fashion inspiration <3.

    <3, Kathleen.

  15. Wow, I love your look! :D
    The jumper and headscarf go really well together :)


  16. your blog is beautiful, i love your lookbook aswell! your style is amazing. i read about you in a book called style diaries and i absolutely love your stuff! :) x

  17. love your hair!! <3
    and your sweater is really amazing1

  18. your so pretty! do you play the e-guitar? i like it!

  19. I’m really fond of you and your blog I have a blog too.
    My blog needed to be fixed and I fell in love with your template.
    I have it now on my blog, but I fail to set up a white backround, because with grey it looks awful :(
    Could You please help me/give me some quick instruction how to do it?
    It would be sooo nice from you to help me.
    (my email doesn't work because i live in estonia, but you can leave me it to comment, would you be so kind?) :D


  20. Oh Your absolutely adorable ! Merry christmas love x

  21. U are so pretty !
    and I rly love your style :)

  22. cute jumper! love your style
    i'm with you on the topshop tights, i find the quality to be near enough the same as primarks :/

  23. You have a nice blog and cute pictures !

  24. Hi Kayla, love your blog! I found you on Style Diaries & started reading your blog. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this post as this vintage jumper looks suspiciously like the ones I sell at the Clothes Show Live stand(two for £30 on the last few days aswell!)Maybe it's just a sheer coincidence but it's something I would have handpicked to sell! My stand is near the fashion theatre, rings a bell??!!
    Sanju @mero retro