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  1. lydia-lee says

    swear your absolutely BLOODY BRILLIANT!
    your hair looks amazing with that bow in x

    im having an Alexander Wang esque studded bag giveaway on my blog if you think youd like too look hon! x

  2. Emily Costlow says

    I love this whole look so much! You are killing me though I need to how you do your hair like this, it is absolutely perfection.
    (I know you don't divulge your secret though, I understand)

  3. ♥ Lily says

    I love your shirt,it's so gorgeous! You can never have to much velvet, I'm still building my relatively small collection – so great that apparently everyone who shops at Primark hates velvet so they put it all on sale for like £3! 😀

  4. Cat says

    You have no idea how much i loved these outfit pictures. you look incredibly cute, the blouse is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the velvet skirt. and that colourful scarf gives the final touch, i love it! i seriously need to go to primark asap to buy some clothes

  5. Lucy says

    aaah Kaya you look awesome! I adore how you style yourself and i loive how happy you look here! Really refreshing to see soemone who looks like theyre having fun and loves colour – yay!
    I use stargazer for my hair, I bleach it first tho. I tried the gel of this range and it was awful, it never dried!
    anyways, dont worry about the velvet, its on trend so make the most of it.
    P.s my dads always complaining that its not fair that men cant easily get away with wearing velvet and wishes he lived during henry8th reign to have experienced it. so there haha

  6. Rach Aitken says

    ahhhhh so i love your hair first of all. but also, i know you did a makeup tutorial a while back but it looks like you do your eye makeup differently now, and its SO stunning. give us a few tips?? also, (haha once again) i know you already said that you wouldnt divulge your secret of how you put up your hair in a scarf, butttt im begging you, im dying to know! 🙁 plus i dont think anyone could pull it off as well as you, so whats to be afraid of?

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