These are my beautiful doggies. They are West Highland Terriers, and there supposed to be white but they enjoy playing in the mud, so they're more of a beige colour haha! Awh but I still love them very much. They're rescue dogs, they were breeding bitches on a puppy farm, forced to live in cages with what I'm guessing was very little food as snowie was very thin when she came to us. They were forced to have as many litters as possible before they could no longer have any more and then when the farmer had no use for them, he would, well.. get rid of them. I wrote more about it here on my blog back in August, and about the place that rescued them (Many Tears Animal Rescue) you can read it HERE if you like.

Snowie is the one on the right and Prudence is on the left.. Snowie was originally called Persil but my Dad said he didn't want to be running around the park calling "PERSIL!" Haha.

You probably think they look completely the same, everyone thinks there sisters, but I think they look completely different. Prudence is quite small and has a very rounded back and a small head but snowie is more square shaped with giant ears haha, I call her radar ears lol!

Snowie is very bossy and her two number one priorities in life are to go to the park everyday and also to eat lots and lots of food, preferably roast chicken. Shes become a very happy dog, when we first had her she was terrified of everything but shes a lot better now and has probably become a little over confident. She thinks rules the house lol.

Prudence is very friendly and likes basically everyone, apart from people she barks at which isn't many. She's very protective of my mom and gets very depressed when my mom is doing anything that doesn't involve prudence. We think that before she went to the puppy farm she lived in a house because when we first had her, she knew what suit cases were and what it meant when someone put on their coat or got their keys. She also hates christmas, whenever she sees the christmas tree she follows my mom around everywhere as if shes going to loose her. We think that her old family must have given her away to the puppy farm at christmas to make way for a new dog or something like that.. Although, I don't understand how someone could even do that.

Anyway, I love them very much, I don't know what I would do without my two ickle doggies!


  1. So cute! I saw some footage on a programme called 'How to buy a dog' recently of breeding farms, and they looked just awful. So admirable that you've rescued them both. I also don't know what I'd do without my two little cuties :) Glad to see a fellow blogger as a dog lover! xx

  2. Your dogs are presh! <3 West Highland Terriers are somewhere in my top 10 favorite dog breeds. haha, and it's super great that you got rescues :)

  3. Aw, I have two Westies too! Mine are named Bowie and Ziggy. Bowie is actually mine, and Ziggy is his daughter but belongs to my parents. Bowie is my love. He is seriously my child. His personality is so funny and he is so sweet and caring. Aw man. Now I'm going to go give him a hug. :)

  4. Aw, they're adorable. My grandparents used to have a westie when I was younger, and I used to take him everywhere with me x

  5. Cute dog dwarfs :)