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  1. Larissa Blintz says

    wow, how do you make it like that? it seems so complicated and time-consuming from just seeing how long your hair is on the front naturally. you should totally go for the suits you so well!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    The middle part defiantly does not suit you, your face is perfect for a fringe! When you get your hair cut, just bring the clip in hair piece with you so that your hair dresser knows exactly how you want it!

  3. Narita says

    Yes, it looks great! Ask your friends for a good hairdresser, I also wanted a fringe but it looked awful because of the wrong hairdresser..

  4. Dora says

    well those would suit you. and if you ever feel like having a middle parting you can, cause they won't be too short. just split them and tame them with the flat iron. 😀

  5. Devina says

    The fringe looks gorgeous on you!
    If you are going to get it cut professionaly, you can go to the hairdresser with your hair pinned as a fringe to show how you want it to be, and i'm sure it'll be alright!

  6. Ella Victoria says

    I got a fringe a couple of years ago and it was such a pain! I had to trim it all the time and it took me like a year to grow it out!! I think it looks cool how you clip it under though, it looks different:)<3

  7. Anonymous says

    Could you make a video of your getting ready or something? I'd love to see how you style your hair and how you do your make up! xx

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