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  1. Charliet Clothier says

    yes id be interested kayla!!! id love to put ur blog badge on my side bar!! i think i already have it but tbh a nice little badge with your face on would just make my blog look so pretty!! i'll email you, heres my email, [email protected]
    i hope I'm the first to comment! you'll get like 12432423 comments soon!!!

  2. maphi says

    i've seen the leggins just about everywhere , i actually like them but it looked so bad on me when i tried it on looooool . they are fab tho 😀

    and i would be very interested in the sidebar link


  3. Lucy Rance says

    This outfit is crazy, I love it! Glad I found these leggings in Primark, they're exactly the same in Miss Selfridge for £20!
    I was also thinking of adding a "good reads" section on my blog. As yours is one of my faves, you will definitely be on the list!

  4. Magnet says

    Holy shit, I LOVE THE HAIR STYLE, I've been wanting to get my hair like that for a while but I suck at hair so badly. Just so you know, I already have you linked on my blog girl because I luurve your style. You can do the same, no pressure though, only if you like my blog 🙂

  5. emmer says

    Hey Kayla, you sweet cotton candy

    Might to check out my blog?
    I live in Berlin and.. ya.. post stuff about my weekends.
    Maybe you can leave a comment and tell me your opinion. hm?


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