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  1. Magnett says

    The snow definitely makes the photos look nice and appealing, especially for someone like me, who lives in a place where it NEVER snows. Haha soup.. ugh, I hate soup.

  2. Carmen says

    Those leggings are amazing, love how you paired it with the green shirt! I tried Pret soup the other day, and it was too good. I now wish I had the money to feed my pret soup addiction.

    Carmen Ri.

  3. chloe says

    i love soups! i always tell my boyfriend that if i was a better cook id wanna open a soup bar, wouldn't it be a really cool little business selling soups and freshly baked yummy bread?

    anyhoo, i LOVE the colours in your outfit, who'd've thought green and purple would look so awesome together!?

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