Reader Interactions


  1. Clouds says

    Kayla you look amazing! Love it!
    Are Stargazer dye colours permanent or can they be washed out?
    Do you know if they work on chocolate brown hair?

  2. Rebecca says

    Wow it looks so fantastic!! Is it semi or permanent? Ive used stargazer too before but it always turns my hair weird unexpected colours… but thats the danger of being ginger I suppose. It never turns out the right colour. Its cool that cadburys replied though haha.


    The color is so lovely! looks really good on you 🙂
    I bought manic panic in purple(electric amethyst) to dye ends of my hair a few days ago, but I haven't done it yet, I hope the color will come out like yours! I'm probably gonna have to bleach it to get the color tho..

  4. Magnet says

    Loooove this hair!! Seriously, this multi coloured hair trend is making me wish I had colourful hair so badly. Having thin, weak hair is the worst 🙁