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  1. camilla says

    I totally agree with you on this one! I feel like all of the famous bloggers have the same kind of style, and not the one I'm that inspired by, which I think it sad…

  2. Vilte says

    I dont tend to follow fashion bloggers it's all the same images pasted from the vogue site – label whores bloggers are also like urgh… Stop it – half the time your not original and its annoying that you think you are.

    Anyways, all the negativity aside love your blog 😀 I found it through andini ria 😀 will follow when I get on my laptop!!

  3. Frillypinkdreams says

    Hi! ^^ I am a blogger with totally different style than you, but I still enjoy your blog very much! 🙂
    I don´t have the best pictures, but sometimes I am lucky and have people take my picture or visit someone with a proper camera, but usually I just use my mobile 🙂 I have done a few tutorials and tips entries, but I wanna do loads more!
    I would be really honoured and I would appreciate if you checked out my blog! ^^

  4. mymy says

    kayla, this is great. i first want to say that you're new theme is fabulous and i adore. please come look at my blog i will also be posting new DIY projects i have planned 😀

  5. Andini Ria says

    This is a great post, I definitely agree. I think if you have a passion for blogging then that's all that matters really and it really does come across to your readers.
    Your outfit is super cool, I love the sporty edge! <3

  6. Sally Barton says

    I follow a lot of blogs that are similar in style, not because I might think their style is amazing and different, but coz of the style of photos or how they say things, and then I find myself following their style and it annoys me because I try to be a little different! So it try and follow blogs like yours that are different and quirky but they're so rare 🙁
    You are very very right 🙂
    Love your outfit and new theme 🙂 xxx

  7. Jónadis. says

    Although I'm not quite into the fashion blogger scene I understand you. You're right. But behind this problem with the blogger world there is a much bigger problem concerning our whole society and our view on the world.
    Great that you wrote about it.
    That makes you even more likeable to me 🙂

  8. Spencer Rose says

    I read this entire post and was so so pleased I did. I agree with you so much, I may not emulate unique style myself, but my favourite blogs are the one's where I see something so unique, with loads of pensolity. They're the one's that really get me thinking about my own style, and get me to try out new things. Please share all the great one's you find!

  9. Amy says

    Kayla I found you on lookbook one boring day and now you are a huge inspiration to me and actually the reason I chose to do a fashion and clothing BTEC at college. Congratulations on getting a place at LCF.

    I use my blog to post my illustrations and college work sometimes, as well as random other fashion/art/music related posts. I hate the generic fashion/beauty blogs. They review the same damn products over and over again and its boring. I like personal blogs with drawings and bad pictures and little diys and days out. x

  10. Becky says

    I'm very, very different to you but I really love your blog! Perhaps you will like mine too. I'd definitely say I'm inspirational in real life- I'm a primary school teacher and I particularly love art, so I inspire kids to believe in their creative abilities. As for my blogging life, I'll let you decide!


  11. Teklė-Ūla says

    hi!First i like your blog and your style, and i also love to shop in secindhand or cheap stores.^.^
    and also i writing a blog. but I write in my native language. I like to post about my life (i am studing in art academy,textile ), my simple DIY. about my works, accessories.. I have my style, but i dont have who could take photos of my looks.thats is a minuse for me. also i write about costume history.
    I write my blog for people who want to live intersting and look beautiful, but don't have a lot of money.
    And also I want to find more blogs, who could inspire me.because those fashion blogs almost all are the same.

    if you want to see my blog ,its here:

    have a good day >.<

  12. shamuboo says

    My blog has 3 followers and I love them dearly for doing so 🙂 Its nothing fantastic, just a mix of my photography (amateur but fun) and my thoughts (fun but sometimes deep.) Would always enjoy more people looking at it but kind of letting it happen naturally. The people that should be there will be 🙂

    As for your look, so totally wonderful. Again, I have to say your hair is so amazing and cool, style and color. That top is vibrant and original and those tights perfect on you. Great work!

  13. Ellie Connor-Phillips says

    I totally agree…I'd love to check out some new blogs as well. My blog is still kind of developing and finding its own kind of niche, but you never know, one day it might be something of interest to people!

  14. Samantha says

    I totally agree with all that you wrote, its so true and often I find myself getting caught up in the world of 'professions' bloggers when sometimes their blogs are very uninspiring and bland.

    I'd loove it if you had the time to check out my blog and let me know what ya think.

    I've been following you since waaay back and have enjoyed watching your blog grow and your style get so much more unique.


  15. Kelly Homoprince says

    Hi, i just want to say that I love your style since I saw first time your outfits on tumblr haha, you're a big inspiration for me <3
    although I don't understand everything you write (im not fully english) I agree with your opinion, feel free to check my blog out, although my style is more different from yours I think

  16. Nadya says

    I don't really see blog as big or small, I mean I know there are those type of blogs but I really couldn't care less. If your blog is inspiring to me then I will definitely follow you. It goes back to everyone, really. How much you can relate to that blog? I mean, I like lots of 'big' bloggers but if I don't find them inspirational then they're not going to end up on my reading list. Or something like that lol

  17. Vlada Borysenko says

    I agree with your point very much and think that famous bloggers shouldn't really be promoting the well-known fashion designers. In turn I think they could turn to young aspiring fashion designers as they are the next generation of style. And it is queer how every famous fashion blogger gets famous because of all the pret a porter designs. It's quite disappointing that bloggers with their individual style don't get appreciation for it. I'm not saying that's with every blogger, but most. But yeah, you're completely right 🙂
    I love your outfits and you inspire me most of the time as you have a great fashion sense and amazing body 🙂

  18. Gina Christiansen says

    I have just started a blog very recently and unfortunately due to cost i am unable to so far develop a flawless aesthetically pleasing blog with my own domain etc etc but im hoping in the near future i will be able to get acknowledged and gain a family of followers that enjoy the stuff i post rather then follow me because i have the money to do so. I you could i appreciate you checking out my blog please be considerate ive only just put it up and its very raw but if you think its going somewhere or even if not id love to here some feedback : thank you xxx

  19. Alannah Newnham says

    I defiantly agree, fashion isn't about what you can afford, it's individuality and has been since the start, even though that idea has been defiantly distorted. If you feel comfortable in what you wear then that is something more worthwhile than being able to afford certain things. Most likely why everyone is following the same kind of trend, they want to be noticed, but I don't understand how people think they can get noticed in a sea of people all the same. YAY for uniqueness. Even if people do think you're a little strange..

  20. Sara Louise. says

    I completely agree! so hard to find any individual bloggers these days, I admit I hardly read any as there just don't inspire me at all, which is why I love your blog so much! And you've never sold your soul! I also think you might like my customised denim label WAISTE! xxx

  21. Renee Eats Souffle says

    I am rather strange and have always found it sickening to try and act normal–i.e. not myself. So I embrace and flaunt my oddities! I believe you do so as well, Kayla. I love your blog, your outfits, your pictures–and Lord, that hair–but especially that you wrote this post! I completely agree! So far I have 0 followers and I would be terribly grateful if you could follow my blog! I could also use some tips on how to get discovered on here in this endless expanse of bloggers… Always look forward to your stuff 🙂

  22. Angy says

    Hi kayla I'm from spain 🙂
    I follow you for a long time but I never comment LOL. I love your style and I want to say that I'm totally agree with you I think there are people like me, who love fashion but don't have a big economy like those big bloggers but have an own feeling about clothes and style.
    I hope see more of those beautifuls styles on this blog girl, have a nice day!

  23. Sin12012 says

    I completely agree with you Kayla. Every blogs I see are replicas of each other. This month all the blogs i visited had this skirt ( day-skirt-zara.html) in wishlist .
    I created a blog because I thought it was different from the others and that was the major reason for the existence of so many bloges fashion. Apparently i was wrong, this looks more like an advertising site. One Buy stuff and others come and go shopping instead of wanting to "someone" in this world . Someone with a voice in fashion .
    I do not think my blog is the best there is, but at least I have pride being a "different" girl . A girl who wears what she like, what she want and some of her's creations.
    I'm following you for a long time because I think you have a great blog and a fantastic style. You are unique !

    Sorry for my bad english .

    Participate on my giveaway and win 10% or 35% discount for 5 months and a The SLR CD :

  24. Jodie says

    Amazing jacket!
    I don't think my blog is particularly inspiring (I like to try things but more often than not I just stick to what I like) so instead here are 3 blogs that have been inspiring me lately: -the lovecats by meg lea Isabelle – good morning angel (who I've followed since I started blogging and she's so nice and just her outfits are so witchy and cool) -fashion can not die (who I've only discovered this week but love)

  25. Cat says

    I adore all of your looks and I feel that this is so me! I make a lot of my own clothes and shop mainly in charity shops so only recently decided to get a blog. I don't know if my posts are particularly inspiring but it would mean a lot if you could check it out.
    Keet up the fabulous, Cat x

  26. Connie says

    Completely agree with every word of this, it's stupidly hard to find bloggers than a bit different! So many seem to be just samey! So glad you have put this into words, thanks very much for this post! Xx

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