Has anyone else seen the new website called About My Style? (http://www.aboutmystyle.com/) I joined about a week ago and so far I've posted two things, its really fun. Every day it prompts you with a theme of the day and you can upload a related photo, today is 'A sent of...' I've uploaded a photo of my favourite perfumes and decided to post them here too. My absolute favourite is Very Irresistible Givenchy which I probably only wear on special occasions, to start with it smells really posh and makes you sneeze but then when its settled its really fruity but it also smells really sophisticated, Katy Perry Meow which I wear pretty much every day (as long as I remember) its super sweet and makes you smell like a sweet shop! Another favourite is Versace Bright Crystal.. which unfortunately I ran out of a while ago but I used to wear it every day before I was given Meow for christmas! Its really light so you can wear everyday. I also absolutely love Ange Au Demon by Givenchy too but I've never bought it because its so expensive, I've only ever used it in those little sample sachets you get at perfume stores. Whats your favourite perfume?


  1. Esee Lauder's "pleasures." I've had it for four years and only wear it on special occasions.

  2. Love your blog! Your style is amazing!

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  3. dkny green apple perfume and chanel no 5 ^~^
    p.s i just joined the site eeek