I waited in the rain for what seemed like two hours for this show, such dedication! I was so happy to get in! I saw my tutors go in before me and they ignored me! (they probably didn't hear me, I am secretly a mouse) By time I'd managed to turn my camera on, the show had already started! I absolutely love Meadham Kirchhoff. They are one of my favourite if not my favourite designers because of their constant historical references in their collections, and this was my personal favourite from LFW. I love vintage and this collection reminds me of Edwardian dresses mixed with William Morris, the tudors and the 1920's flapper style. Also the hats remind me of Mary Poppins for some reason, oh and don't forget Lord of the Rings, I will stop now... I'm not entirely sure how I would wear it in an everyday kind of way- however I bet singular garments are very wearable if paired with something a bit more casual. Also I love the use of the colour gold, I've always been a fan of it because I think it goes with everything. I'm going to have to pick up my black and gold Urban Outfitters brogues from the back of my wardrobe and start wearing them again. I also now want to plat my hair and tie it in velvet ribbons. I'm really happy this vintage style is clearly not over!


  1. This show was so truly amazing... & you got such brilliant shots Kayla! Going to post my photos up at some point soon, they're nowhere nearly as good as yours though! xx


  2. Love the shoes, textiles, and colors! So pretty. (I found you while searching new blogs on Bloglovin!)

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. Amazing collection!

    xo' M