Last week I went to the Boohoo #DRESSMAS Christmas Party! I met lots of lovely other bloggers and we all played musical bingo which was fun however being that my favourite bands are Marilyn Manson and Korn I was rather unsure of who any of the songs were by and many of the other girls were shocked at my lack of song knowledge :( Fortunately though I was saved by Laura who helped me fill out my bingo card for me, and Leannes, and Georginas, which they conviently left on the table for me to fill out (hurhur). There was also a christmas tree and each bauble had the face of one of the bloggers attending the event, it took me ages to find mine and then all of a sudden it was staring me in the face!

I'm really excited to get the leopard print black and white sequin maxi-skirt from the collection and I also really like the first dress with the multicoloured string embellishment (I received a jumper with the same fabric sleeves recently)

All in all the night was really really fun, thank you Boohoo!! I met some amazing bloggers, and got to see Jamie again (yet another person who just seems to pop up everywhere- he was also at the Motel party the other night!)


  1. Looks like a very cool party, love the atmosphere of these pictures! :)

  2. I would really struggle with musical bingo too!


  3. Just writing mine up now, I love your photos was so much fun. I think we should suggest next time it should be alternative bingo haha xxx