Recently I've been working with the website Wholesale7, and I've received so many questions and positive feedback from my followers about them that I thought I would write a review to give you all my opinion on them!

Basically, I really love Wholesale7. Currently, they are my favourite online store because of the variety of clothes they stock which suit my style (theres so much, I could spend hours on their website) and also because of how cheap everything is! Although they are my favourite, I will give my complete and honest opinion and be completely truthful about the items I've received so that anyone who has asked questions or was considering buying from them will be able to make an informed decision.

I know a lot of people really dislike online Chinese wholesale websites because they're known for bad quality, unreliability, expensive postage prices and all the items are generally considered quite boring and exactly the same as the items on the next wholesaler website you go on. Having found many unique and actually really cool items on Wholesale7 I'd definitely say they are not the same as your average wholesaler. In-fact the other day someone said to me "Wow you're wearing the Topshop tapestry skirt!" Of course I wasn't- but its possible Topshop may have bought the skirt in bulk and put their own label into it. Whats funny is the skirt was around £35 in Topshop however on Wholesale7 it was £4! Also everyone thinks the shiny shorts are from American Apparel, they're not, but its nice to think I exude the impression that I can afford to waltz around in shiny silver American Apparel shorts! They also stock some shoe styles which a lot of the big highstreet stores or mainstream websites haven't caught onto yet, I know I haven't seen the Lilac midheel clear plastic strap shoes anywhere, I've seen similar ones but they're super high heels which I wouldn't particularly like to wear all the time, especially during the day, and they're not lilac!

The majority of the clothes come in XS, S, M, L which is pretty straight forward but also a lot of the clothes are "Free Size" so I suggest you whip out the measuring tape and measure yourself to see if it will fit before ordering, you can find measurements in the 'Product Details' section. I'm a UK 6-8 and the "Free Size" Velour Leggings are just the right size for me, in fact they're a bit of a squeeze sometimes! I doubt they would fit anyone above a UK 8-10. They feel a bit odd when they are on as theres no specific front or back (I think they're the same pattern pieces which doesn't seem to make sense) so it feels as if, if you bend down your bum will be exposed, but I looked in the mirror while wearing them and jigged and bended around in an attempt to see why they feel so odd but they look fine, no bum exposure anywhere haha! Despite all this they're still my favourite pair of leggings because they look amazing!! (Velvet forever).

The thick dogtooth leggings are a bit more stretchy- and extremely comfy and warm! I doubt they would fit anyone above a UK 10 too. I would say its best to measure rather than be disappointed when something arrives!

The first shoes I ordered were the Lilac mid-heel see-through strap shoes, they are so cute and fit really well, they're also really easy to walk in! The second pair are the white boots, which look amazing however they're a bit on the small side- still wearable, however had I known, I would have got the next size up. I wondered why the white boots were small compared to the lilac heels and noticed my toes actually do poke out a bit further over the edge of the lilacs, its just not noticeable because of the open toe. Next time I will get the next size up! Unfortunately this is a mistake I've made a few times, a few years ago I bought Rocking Horse Shoes from an ebay site that was linked to an online wholesaler and because of the pointed toe it feels like my toes are being squished together. I did a bit of online research and a lot of people seem to be adamant that clothes and shoes from Asian websites run quite small, which seems to be true after the experiences I've had.

Something I always worry about when getting anything off the internet, is if when it arrives, will it look the same as it does on the website? and I can definitely say that almost everything I've had so far has looked pretty much the same as the photos (I'm so glad!) I thought the puffer jacket was shiny though and it isn't but its still really cool.

Now onto the postage.. At first I thought postage was a lot when I saw it in dollars, I thought 'oh dear, now this has bumped up the price to what someone would pay for clothes on a normal website', but when I converted it to GBP it didn't seem as much, although seeing as some sites only charge £5 or free postage if you spend over a certain amount I suppose its still rather pricey (postage to the UK is £10.55 for the first 500g and any additional 500g is £3.02) I guess it depends on what you're willing to pay. Obviously shoes will push up the price of postage as they are heavier than most clothes (wahhhhhh)

I'm not sure how long shipping is supposed to take but the last package I received arrived within five days, however it may have been that they shipped it out using a fast method because they wanted me to post about it asap! It says that as long as the item is in stock it will be shipped within 24 hours, which is really good, some online shops that I've been on recently have a processing time of five business days!

I hope that this helps, If anyone has any questions I'll endeavour to reply to any comments!

(Just a side note- I wasn't paid to write this post, I just wanted to give my honest opinion on Wholesale7 due to the amount of questions and positive feedback I've received from my followers. Everything I've received so far from Wholesale7 has been gifted, all items were chosen by me and I hope to continue working with them in the future)


  1. Could you send me a link to those white shoes? :)

  2. You got some great stuff, definitely going to have to check out Wholesave7 xx

  3. I got some velvet leggings from ebay and they're the same kind of fit, you just can't tell the back from the front! I think they're just made for people with non-existent bums!

  4. Amazing and lovely dress. I have seen even wholesale childrens clothing come up with the latest collection.