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  1. Anonymous says

    J-cosplay sync.

    Mr. nononymous is a retired dragon here who scans hes past spirit's "messups" worldwide
    e.g. spotting such sync.-s is just a belongs to / supports the (spirit)domain TEST return — just that (usually it'd be an error to point such out so 1 can't mess with what it doesnot knew . . . whatever , Hi , Bye)

  2. Anonymous says

    random insights to a spirit – the time is not so all around as it passes the man ?? (future is up/outside) ?? top down – futher more the time of the mater (such as foot(heart/ruthum) , body wear) is seen by spirit as from when such was living plant or formed as a mineral or volcanic extrusion – so it's that way time barrier for "fairies" however it's an insulator of master spirit (faith if you take to belive so) . . .
    . . . why the thick bottom footwear is "hype"

    the jappan cosplay cats – if you play you create a dream or a spirit world or future or keep some old spirit/fairy going — like the africans dance to trance the cosplayers might get to expanded scapes even if they don't register / notice such (would take a personality bifurcation to a one to dream and then another to monitor — usually you don't run in secure/test mode)

    all as uninteresting / dumb as that — there's non new spirit prj.-s detected rather the have fun (lighten reload mode for spirits) ((constant dumb reload … perhaps i just missed latetest "world improved" news))

  3. Anonymous says

    an old mom or the environment before the environmental disaster or over exploited uneducated family member (just as good draggon as this reads (ok , jokes , it's a vast proccess that can not be designed right from the scratch (so the beginnings were cool … cool)))

  4. Cookie says

    Ahh this post is lovely. Thank you so much, I feel all proud =D Don't worry too much about the pleats, you can keep them in with an iron though it's a bit of a ball buster! X

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