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  1. Panty Buns says

    I have always loved sunflowers but didn't realise they were so popular. The sunflower print on your IBU shorts is beautiful! The sunflowers look three dimensional and really stand out against the black background. Your makeup looks gorgeous as usual. You look stunning. Oh the travails of blogging! I did your forgotten memory card one better. I clumsily dropped my camera and didn't realise it was irreparably broken. I was in the middle of doing a HUGE epic blog post and haven't gotten a new camera, so most of the photos and the video I used in my last post were ones that normally I wouldn't have used.
    It's unfortunate about the forgotten memory card, but at least it will only be for a few days. I may have just done my last post for the month yesterday!

  2. Mel Burt says

    The sunflowers look so good. I'm glad you said the top reminds you of Phoebe in the first season of Friends as I was thinking the same thing while scrolling through but then thought I was being a loon.

    Raise The Waves

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