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  1. Lenny Pham says

    It's absolutely divine, a gorgeous, elegant and dreamy look. The laced pink skirt goes so well with the white turtle necked. I love how u added the jacket to the look, makes it more colourful and chic. Have a wonderful weekend, kayla xx
    Lenny xx

  2. Elle XO says

    I literally have the same problem with jelly shoes and sandals cutting my feet open, it's so frustrating. My feet are actually scarred from my Zara slides!
    Love this look on you though, all white looks incredible and the splash of colour with the shirt just finishes it off so well xo

  3. Eloise says

    ha white blends in with me too, my freckles are the only thing that stops me looking like I'm wearing nothing. I lOVE this skirt, clicked the link to have a browse already : )


  4. Amelia Mad says

    I like the white shirt on you it gives off this ethereal vibe. Love how you paire dit with the lace/pink skirt and jellies. 🙂

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