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  1. Daphne says

    Wow this concept sounds really great, and the shoes are so cool! I think it is very important that brands with this kind of concept get more attention. We really need to change our way (and what) we consume everyday and be more concious about the impact we have on other people and nature, and the more atention these ideas get, the more they will grow (and expand!).
    I love the outfit, specially those pants!


  2. Lenny Pham says

    That's such a great outfit, and the shoes are really stunning, and fun as well. I'm also a fan of Lily Cole for quite a long time already and this campaign of the organisation with her in 2 save the rainforest is such a meaningful thing 2 do. This is a way 2 remind us of being in the fashion industry but also not to harm the environment, and 2 save the rainforest means lots of other resources would be preserved as well xx This is such a great post, Kayla xx Hope u'll have a great day xx

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