Reader Interactions


  1. Alice Young says

    I love that top- I'm not surprised that you've worn it lots already! And, ugh, it makes me sad to read about degrading comments. I find it's best never to let your fashion choices be affected by possible 'man in white van' comments- life is too short (and your wardrobe is too fab) to worry about the opinions of ignorant people like that!

  2. Malina Aldora says

    Omg Kayla, This is why I love you. Keep doing you, and dressing the awesome way you do. Those comments will not dare degrade you! Never, I shall walk up to those horrible people and hit them on the head with a rolling pin.

    In my opinion you are actually upgrading yourself, because you style is unique and wonderful and you live in your own happy world. It takes bravery and hard work to run this blog and its not easy, just know we understand that, and that's why we love you<3