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  1. A d e l i n e says

    I love this outfit, gorgeous colours and I sure have a thing for silver and lurex things. I didn't know there were heeled Kickers, my god I used to wear them when I was little and then when I had some sort of baba style, they are amazing !

  2. Panty Buns says

    You have fabulous taste! The grid print on your Wholesale7 skirt accents its flared tailoring. Your sparkly glittery green crop to is also very pretty and looks great styled with your Wearecow vintage green denim jacket. The panda bear is adorable. You've styled yet another beautiful outfit, and you look amazing showcasing these fashions.

  3. Jenny Chat says

    This is such a cute look Kayla- I ummed and ahhedover buying the green top but hadn't worked out how I wanted to style it (or if I was too old for it!) The boots are a fab quirky addition and I could see them going with a lot of different looks as a bit of festive style too ����

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