A few weeks ago I went to the Boohoo Christmas Party!! There were sooo many bloggers there and we had a lovely sit down meal at the Culpeper! Which is literally only a one minute walk from where I used to live when I lived in London. I'd always wanted to visit the Culpeper since it opened because its sooo cute and from the outside looks as if it should belong in the Ministry of Magic.

We all got to choose an item from the new christmas range, I was a bit preoccupied with deciding where to sit I went to the gifting lounge rather late and realised everything amazing had gone! (Amy and Leanne were stood there with their fancy faux fur coats and I was like cry it is a sad day) Amy chose this striped black and white coat and Leanne chose this baby blue faux fur coat. I picked up a holographic two piece which can be found here! I didn't think it really suited me though so I was over the moon when they put more faux fur coats out and immediately jumped on this red and black striped faux fur as soon as I saw it!! I've already posted an outfit featuring it and and I actually have more photos of it in another outfit which is lined up for tonight or tomorrows outfit post!

Now before I go and get ready to go to the Garden centre with Jo (Yes me and Jo are going to the garden centre to look at all the pretty christmas things yayayay!) I just want to tell you all about the food. The main course was so good that I did infact forget to photograph it. This is a very strange occurrence for me as I photograph pretty much all my food! We had a small christmas dinner with all the trimmings, and one of the vegetables on our plates was an unusual dark green and looked a lot like cabbage, everyone was convinced of this until it came to light on twitter the next day that it was in fact pan fried sprout tops (basically the leaves that grow ontop of sprouts). It was soo good, and there was some strange amazing sauce that was a cross between mashed potato and well, I'm not sure what the other bit was, but basically I now need another christmas dinner at the Culpeper. Thank you for such a lovely time Boohoo!!!

All the fab girls from the girl band photo!
Amy Valentine - Helen Anderson - Zoe London - Leanne Lim Walker


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  2. How cool! Looked so fun


  3. love all the girls with such vibrant coloured hair- and this whole set up looks super sophisticated :)


  4. You girlies look gorgeous! glad you had a good time - so jealous!

    ROSALINDIS// rosalindis.blogspot.com

  5. you guys look so cute and colorful!


  6. That Boohoo Christmas party looks like it was a lot of fun. You and your fellow #Fbloggers all look fabulous, stylish and happy. I love the photos - of three of you wearing tiaras, the Christmas tree, the fresh bread, the lovely hotel room, all of you gorgeous bloggers at the dinner table, the wonderfully fun photo of you in your bathrobe and the five of you in that girl band photo. I love the grid print skirt you styled in your lovely outfit.


  7. What I like so much about these pictures is the variety of colorful hair. Look so fun ♥


  8. I remember seeing the red and black faux fur jacket in your outfit post and loving it! Love what you wore!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  9. Yayy! My favorite bloggers in one blog post!

    Life With Antlers

  10. too cute!!


  11. I had my wedding here back in May last year and I felt like it was a perfect day for us! Plus all of us dressed up only added to the entire ambience.

  12. very cute!