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  1. Andini Ria says

    Happy fifth blog birthday lovely! I've followed your blog from the beginning (when I was still living in Australia!) and it's been so rad to see your amazing sense of style evolve. It was so great to meet you this year too! Looking forward to seeing even more awesome things from you in the new year and hope you've had a wonderful Christmas! <3

  2. Tessa says

    Oh my goodness, you have evolved so much (and so well I might add)! Happy bday to your blog and Merry Christmas~ I hope it was the best one yet 🙂

  3. TyTanisha L. Zacharie says

    OMG, it's so awesome to hear how you first started out. I love to see how your photography style has changed throughout the years. You still managed to keep the same style aesthetic that you had from when you first started. I loved seeing all these looks because I find you aspiring so much already. You could tell from the beginning that you were & still something unique.

    Happy 5th Blog Anniversary and Merry Christmas Kayla!! <3 <3

  4. Isabella says

    You're such a legend, Kayla! I love all your looks so much! It's awesome how we've gotten to meet and hang, after having followed your blog & lookbook from the very beginning! You've always been one of my top favourite bloggers and I'm proud to call you my friend! Hope to see you again soon, whenever you're in London again! <3 Keep up the amazing posts xxx

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