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  1. missthing says

    I love the mix of prints and textures you have going on here! And I totally know that shoe trouble. I'm starting to run into it myself! I need to clear out shoes I don't wear.
    I'm so glad you have rescue dogs! Snowie looks so sweet. I have a rescue myself. She is the sweetest thing. She's scared of cameras though, so she won't ever participate in my outfit shoots.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. Sandy Ltz says

    All is perfect, very cute photo with the adorable dog ! The over the knee boots are stunning with this nice combination ( leopard coat, skirt and printed shirt ) I love totally !!!! ♥ X 1000 , Kisses and Love for a Merry X- mas ! ♥ I'm always fan of your looks !

  3. TyTanisha L. Zacharie says

    Aww, your dogs are too cute! I couldn't even tell that you didn't do your hair at all. Love this outfit and those shoes are absolutely perfect. I think they're even better because they were named after you. haha, they look great on you and it's awesome to know that they are comfortable to wear.