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  1. Alice Young says

    I used to get really annoyed when people wore band tee's and never listened to the band but now I'm just like, wear what you want because chances are the tee is awesome and you promoting awareness for an awesome band! Either way, that top is definitely an exception to your views of not wearing band tee's if you don't listen to them, it is amazing!!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Panty Buns says

    I love the outfit you styled with your psychedelic top. I have about four old vinyl Grateful Dead albums and even saw them at the Filmore East in Manhattan over four decades ago, and even I wouldn't have realised that was a Grateful Dead top. I love that the top has so much pink in it. It looks fantastic with your blue and white Topshop jeans. The Converse sneakers look good and comfortable. I think one of my favourite Grateful Dead songs, "Morning Dew", may have been on their first album.

  3. Elina Wagner says

    This is seriously the coolest top ever. I totally agree that you shouldn't wear band merch if you don't listen to the band so I really respect you for saying the same! Nothing is worse than someone who wears a Nirvana shirt for 'fashion'.
    I really need to find out more about the Grateful Dead now…

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