I have so many photos of press days from months ago when I lived in London, so these are probably a little old now, but I finally found them in a hidden away folder so thats why recently I've been popping up quite a few press day posts! I loved the setting for the Debenhams press day, its my aim to live somewhere that looks like this beautiful stately house one day! (haha I'm suure that will happen >.>) but its absolutely adorable and I was just stood there like ahh I don't want to leave!! Whilst there they were measuring bra sizes, so, seeing as I've never been measured before I decided to hop into the little changing room (as far as I'm aware, all stores provide free measuring, yay!). The lady who measured me was clearly an expert as within a few seconds and a measuring tape later she was like AH YES, YOU MY DEAR, ARE A VERY UNUSUAL SIZE and I was like, oh help! But not to fear, Debenhams stock soo many sizes! I'm not sure if its ok to put my bra size on my blog, but if anyones very tiny like me with averageish sized boobs, Debenhams is probably one of the best places to try! They stock sizes from 28J to 48J!! Which is kind of insane, but thankfully that means theres something for everyone!


  1. I need to get my bra measurements done, I don't think I've had it done since my mum took me when I was like 13 aha! Love the look of everything!

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  2. definitely love the whole setting of this press release and the time and effort that went into creating their displays


  3. I work in debenhams so I generally try to avoid abything got to do with it in my free time but these actually looks amazing, I nees that lingerie in my life! X

  4. Nice pics:) xx

  5. The inside of Debenhams does look like a mansion. The decorative high ceilings and chandeliers are lovely. I see they had some red lingerie and a pretty red blouse on display - a good idea as Valentine's Day is less than 4 weeks away. The floral prints in the 6th photo (on the rail with the green sequined skirt) are beautiful. The free measuring sounds wonderful. If I ever get to your side of the pond it would be nice to visit and shop on the High Street and at Debenhams.