PASTEL PINK HAIR DYE TUTORIAL Schwarzkopf LIVE colour XXL Ultrabrights (93 Shocking Pink) Youtube update!!

A while ago the wonderful people over at Schwarzkopf sent me this amazing hair dye from a range called Ultrabrights, which I believe to be relatively new. To start with I was rather terrified of dying my hair this crazy intense colour, I mean I've had every colour under the sun, but I've only ever dyed my hair dark bright pink before and that was the first time I ever dyed my hair an unusual colour, and I regretted it because it was so intense it looked as if I might glow in the dark! Of course, a few months after getting this dye, someone happened to mention that you could dilute the dye with conditioner, like all of these "vegan" dyes which I've used in the past (after my traumatic undiluted dye experience of course) so then I looked at the box of Schwarzkopf XXL with a feeling of happiness and decided to make a video of the dying experience.

For anyone wondering, I've now been using this dye for the past three-ish months. I think its really amazing, it doesn't stain your shower, or your face, it will however stain your scalp, but this will wash out after you first wash your hair. It also hardly even stains my hands, which is amazing considering some of the pink dyes I've used in the past. I'd also like to mention that I've now dyed my hair with this dye four times, and I've used the same tube every time, and my hair is pretty long! So if you have short hair, expect to get around 4-5 dyes out of one tube if you mix it with conditioner. I find you get a pretty intense colour even if you do mix it with conditioner! Basically, it works out at a very good value for money, I've seen it in shops for £3.99 to arund £5 and so that works out at around £1.50 per dye including a big blob of conditioner!

I really want to try all the other Ultrabrights colours now that I've tried this one. Especially Purple Punk and Electric Blue. I also noticed Turquoise Temptation on the boots website, however I think this might be discontinued as its not on the Live XXL website *sad face*. I want rainbow hair!!! I hope you enjoy the tutorial, I apologise for my mumbling, and the squeaking mouse voice during the fast-forward part. I'm really not very skilled in the realm of youtube. I'll include a few extra photos from my instagram below of my hair recently!!


  1. i want my hair to be this pink! beautiful!

  2. Majorly jealous- I could never achieve this! Beautiful colour x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. i love this shade! never knew you could dilute dye with conditioner!

    Aine Oh

  4. ugh I definitely have hair envy rn


  5. I love your PINK HAIR DYE TUTORIAL Schwarzkopf LIVE XXL Ultrabrights (93 Shocking Pink) YouTube video and the fabulous still photos above. It was fascinating watching the hair-dyeing process. Your hair came out looking beautiful! I subscribed to your YouTube channel :D


  6. It looks amaaaaaaaaazing on you! Love the colour so much


  7. This colour is SO stunning on you! <3 xx


  8. Your hair looks amazing! I'm going purple next weekend, can't wait!


  9. Stunning colour! Wish I could that left of centre. But, I truly don't think it would suit me.

    Looks lovely on you :)

    Vanessa xx

  10. Wish I had the courage to go pink! way to stand out :)

  11. This looks soo good! Your hair seriously looks ultra bright now, haha! Bright hair colours suit you really well! I'm really glad you took the plunge and just went for it. :) It was definitely worth it!

  12. You look amazing with pink hair it suits you so well! I only wish I could rock such a bold colour!

    My Lovelier Days

  13. Would any conditioner work? as they don't include much conditioner in the box for my hair
    Thanks >_<