A few days ago Missguided asked me to put together a super cute Valentines Missguided outfit and this is what I came up with!! I lovee this cute little crop top with the spaghetti straps, it makes me think of prom dresses on late 90s/ early 2000 movies! I also have a bit of an obsession with PVC/ Plastic shiny skirts, especially Missguided ones as I have about three? oops? oh well! you can never have enough shiny skirts. I'm also obsessed with this coat (which was in the sale woooo!!!) and will probably be wearing it every day ever as a replacement for my fluffy pink coat which unfortunately died a painful death when I picked up something heavy and the back and arm ripped *sad face*. The coat is extremely roomy inside whilst still fitting nicely in all the right places, which for me is definitely a plus as I wear about 1000 jumpers when popping to the shops so its good to be able to hide them all!

I'm not doing anything for Valentines day this year as, well, I never celebrate it for some reason, VD is just too soppy for me! Also the idea of going to a restaurant and being so packed in with other VD celebrators that the room is so full of chocolate covered strawberries you can't move, with everyone judging each other over who is the best couple, would be very scary. The only reason I would celebrate it would be to wear a cute outfit like this, but unfortunately my boyfriend is far far away so I can't see him! Honestly I would really like to sample one of those Marks and Spencers Valentines ready meal deals, they look SO tasty, and now I'm really hungry, and I just realised people give chocolate on Valentines day... maybe I should start celebrating Valentines.


Missguided and I are running a competition to win a £70 gift card voucher code! Simply comment below with what item/s of clothing you would buy from Missguided if you were to win the voucher and describe why you love them! I will announce the winner in one week!!


  1. This is so pretty! Want the skirt and the tights xx

  2. Total babe - you look smokin here! xx


  3. I love love love the skirt you wear in this post. It's black (my fav) and the material looks so damn good. I don't have a similar one but I'm too curious to see how I would combine it with my pieces. Also I would die for these boots: over-the-knee-cleated-heeled-boots, I'm thinking seriously of buying them if I don't win. xoxo keep up the amazing work babe.

  4. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day either, it just seems like a pointless holiday to me - auch a Valentine's Scrooge aha! I absolutely love that PVC skirt, I've actually wanted one like that for ages. I'd definitely buy it if I won the giveaway, they also have this pink fluffy co-ord that is soo cute, and I've had my eye on, would definitely get that as well! I love the outfit you put together!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  5. You loooook insane! as always - Id definitely get a two piece! I love the fluffy Alycia co-orrd, Ive been lusting over it for so long! And the Catriona loop knit cardigan is amaaaaaazing, Mika Fracis has it and it looks amazing on her!


  6. Hey! Firstly, your hair is killer, I've wanted to dye mine lilac for ages but it's naturally dark brown so it'd probably ruin my hair haha :P
    Anyways, I'd love to win and I would be purchasing something fancy for Valentines Day if I did! (I dont see my boyfriend a lot either as he lives away for university, once every three weeks or so, so when I do see him for Valentines Day I'd love to have a killer outfit!)
    I love the pastel pink Verity Scallop dress, but also the Halle Crepe dress with the lace bralet is so gorgeous I would have to spend ages choosing between the two! Otherwise it's picking yet another old dress out the wardrobe and that's no treat for either of us haha!
    I might also buy some heels, I'm loving the fluffy/feathery heel trend at the moment so most likely would go for something like that :)
    I've had to go anonymous on here as I have no other kind of profiles that I can sign into on here, but my email address is rachelrae1@hotmail.com, just in case I do win hehe! :)
    Thanks so much and good luck to everyone, happy Valentines Day! ♡
    Rachel Ledner xx

  7. I would 100% buy the lilac wool coat - it's gorgeous! Perfect for a day at uni or a even a night out thrown over a dress, specifically the Cienna Crepe Sweetheart dress -so perfect for valentines day! Especially with the mix of colours, perfect valentines day look! Love your outfits here! xxx

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  9. Hey Kayla, I adore your blog and fashion sense so much! Before I list what I would get, I just want to say thank you because when I look at your blog it gives me inspiration to be myself more. I used to dress just like everybody else but through your blog I've managed to create my own unique look and I feel so much more confident in myself!
    For the Missguided competition, the first item is the Pipin Velvet Bodycon Dress Black. I love this dress due to the simplicity of it, I could also wear it as a pinafore with a white blouse underneath. (I'm a sucker for anything velvet!) The next item would be the Karry Pleated Monochrome Chain Detail Skirt Black. This skirt is adorable, the white trim gives it a unique touch while the chain belt gives it a punky feel. The third item would be the Bandage Fishnet Insert Crop Top Black. This is more of a fashion necessity for that gothic/nineties look. They're really in at the moment and I've been dying to find a decent looking one. It would go really well with the Monochrome skirt as well! Now finally to finish any look off is two important accessories, the Phiphi Black Over Knee Socks and the Ozira Cat Eye Sunglasses. The knee high socks would work well with the monochrome pleated skirt as well as other items of clothing while the cat eye glasses are very Charli XCX and I adore her fashion sense. These are all the items that I would purchase using the £70 voucher! Thanks for reading Kayla! :) xx

  10. So hard to choose! I love the ZAZULA FAUX SUEDE BIKER JACKET, I really need a new biker jacket and this one seems like it would be warm and comfy, suede would add an interesting contrast in texture to an otherwise plain black outfit, and would go well with many other colours and textures too!


  11. Oh wow, this is so perfect! I wouldn't mind wearing this every time I can!

    Life With Antlers

  12. This is so cute! Totally 90s Buffy on Valentine's day vibes. If I won the voucher one of the things I'd definitely buy is the 'off shoulder knitted jumper jumper dress' in cream, so easily to style up for winter with a choker, thick tights and knee high boots ^^ xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

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  14. I love the fact that your fishnet tights are sparkly! Also love the 90s vibe of the outfit (especially the top and the boots)!
    If I'd win the Missguided contest, I'd definitely buy the Bibi Chiffon Smock Dress in Cream because I've been looking for a casual white dress for quite some time. I always wear black (litterally 90% of my closet is black) and I really want to incorporate some different colours (especially white). I love this dress because it's very simple but the chiffon gives it a special touch. I'd also buy a black duster coat/longline blazer and some blue mom jeans because they're both such basics.

  15. Absolutely love everything in this post, but if I had to pick my favourites they would be the sparkly fishnet tights and the pvc skirt, for sure. It's my 21st birthday on feb 15th and I'm having a party the following weekend & being able to wear part of this outfit for it would be amazing, pretty pretty please x

  16. I adore this outfit! I have the pvc skirt so definitely going to style it like this soon!
    If I won I'd get some pieces from the activewear range, as I live in the gym as I'm a boulderer.
    Also I would get the Kim K inspired nude crop top and skirt set as I love her sophisticated style and I would be able to wear the pieces together or style them seperately!


  17. First of all you look killer in this outfit Kayla, it looks really awesome on you. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day myself and i never really have done, but considering the fact that i've just had a baby at the beginning of this year and we might decide that we're going out, but if not then we have our anniversary coming up not long after that and we will be going out for that as we don't get to go out much and it would be nice to look pretty and girly for a change instead of looking like your basic mum. If i won the £70 gift card i would buy the long sleeve bardot bodysuit in white as i love black and white outfits and i think this top is really elegant and would go well with mariota black faux leather pencil skirt, i love this idea for an outfit because i feel i would make me look less like a basic mum which i do everyday and i would look more sassy and sexy for just one night. Other than this outfit i love the stretch crepe high neck midi dress i black and i would wear this for a wedding i will be going to in a couple of months, i look this style of dress as i love the tight fit that it is and i think it is suitable for the occasion as it is both sophisticated yet suitable to wear for a party afterwards with this dress, i would wear the lena oversized cocoon coat in red just to add a bit of colour and diversity to the outfit. I would love to win this competition, it would make my day.

  18. I absolutely love the combination of the shoes, skirt and pastel coat! If I win I will buy the skirt for sure, maybe the shoes as well (I want boots like that for ages) or a black maxi dress.

  19. Thanks gesus people still wear coats which are not camel! I was seriously starting to hate them and that lilac looks so pretty with your hair, you're killing it little mermaid <3 Now onto the hard part, if i win my picks will be definitely a co-ord and maybe some accessories, and then outfit done, could ask for more? like the pinstripe co-ord looks stunning and the metallic flawless clutch simply looks flawless lol or maybe there's this deep green bodycon dress that will be omfg with your boots! too much amazing stuff

  20. Agh this look is perfect! Flawless, I love the skirt.
    If I were to win I'd probably buy their cape blazer, I've been looking for both a cape and a blazer recently and the two together and absolutely perfect. It's something you can put on top of anything to just make it look a little more formal and together. I'd also get the PU wrapped green skirt, the colour is amaazing, the shape is just perfect and I'm a sucker for anything of that material, especially in dark green asymmetrical skirt form. <3

    The Quirky Queer

  21. It's always a good time for a PVC skirt! My pick of the Missguided website would be the Khloe Premium Waterfall coat in grey. I would wear it with a completely grey outfit - grey roll neck jumper, grey tailored trousers, grey trainers and a grey beanie.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  22. I love this outfit! 90s and 00s fashion rocks! I love how your pastel hair goes with the clothes you wear. I recently dyed my hair pink too and I'm rockin' this style haha! If I won, I would totally buy WAVERLY PINK HOLOGRAPHIC PLATFORM SANDALS because I wanted them for agesssssssss. I have lots of awesome socks (including ones with My Little Pony), and I think it'd look amazing together. I'd also pick the two piece ASHLYN FLUFFY KNIT BABY PINK. I love fluffy things D: and this piece looks gorgeous and it'd look amazing with my high platform Zara sandals! I also love ANA FAUX FUR JACKET BLACK, because it would look amazing with so many things! I would create some amazing outfits and look all fabulous C: Love you! xoxo

  23. Kayla, I adore this look, i'd kill to be able to pull off those boots! I'm heading to Spain in March and currently have zero clothes for sun so if i won i'd definitely get some more suitable clothes for warm weather!

    I'd get the Daizy Eyelash Lace Hem Faux Leather Runner Shorts, they're perfect for warm weather and they don't sit too tight like some denim shorts so they'd be perfect for chilling at the beach or walking around! The eyelash lace detail is absolutely beautiful too!

    For the beach i'd get the Sylviane Black Lace Kimono and the Alena Black Triangle Fishnet Detail Bikini, i love fishnet overlay crop tops so i'm obsessed with this bikini and the kimono would compliment it perfectly!

    There's so many lovely day dresses but i really love the Arisa Black Skater Dress In Daisy Print, it would be perfect for walking about town and the amount of detail on it is incredible!

    Your current hair colour is gorgeous btw!

    Cathy xx

    (i tried to post this once before but i don't think it worked so i apologise if this is a repeat post!)

  24. I love everything from Missguided recently - they're my go-to place for buying new clothes now!
    If I won, I'd get the Muslin Dropped Shoulder Boyfriend Shirt in black, which I'd pair with the Grid Print Contrast Hem A Line Skirt and the White Patent Pointed Lace Up Brogues - that would be my ideal outfit! x


  25. Love your outfit!

    If I had a misguided voucher to spend, I'd straight up start with their navy tartan playsuit(http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/153448/s/checked-dungaree-playsuit-navy/category/528/), and wear it with a white short sleeved shirt, with some black ribbon in a bow and chunky black boots to stomp around in. -Alysia

  26. Love this outfit! The skirt is amazing :) <3
    I would buy the Ayvan Slash Knitted dress as it looks super comfy and doesn't look like it needs much ironing haha! :) I would also buy the split side t-shirt http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/160021/s/split-side-t-shirt-black/category/640/ cos it looks great with high waisted jeans/shorts!
    x x

  27. I love your coat!! I actually ordered the pink version yesterday!! If I won I would probably get the ce line teddy faux fur coat in pink(I'm in love w/ it), the coat that you're wearing or a co-ord!! The missguided co-ords this season are to die for����

  28. If i was to win the missguided voucher i would spend it on much needed staple pieces for when i start university this year (university is burning a hole in my pocket already!) also just to treat myself for actually getting in. Id purchase the sally cleated platforms and the marliee check print duster so i could add a cute sophisticated look to any outfit for when I'm running off to my various lectures. also that pvc skirt is just darn fabulous.

  29. I love this outfit Kayla! If I were to win the Misguided voucher I would pick the PVC skirt and pink coat you have mentioned in this post and I would also pick the Roxy Faux Leather Flatform Boots and Racer bodycon dress. I would love to win this because I don't have much money and this would definitely help me and my wardrobe out ready for Spring/Summer! http://www.sarahstyle.co.uk/

  30. (omg i am going to cry i think i just refreshed and my comment didn't post? i will try and just remember what i wrote. life is hard)

    Ahhh kayla i am so jealous of your hair!! i can never get mine to do that wavy thing as it always seems to fall out within an hour so i just kind of roll with whatever style the wind gives me.

    Also i totally agree with the whole avoidance of v-day. my boyfriend and i have decided that we are going to stay in and eat koka noodles (romantic, i know.) and i think i may make him watch clueless for the 3rd time because its my favourite film ever. cherhorowitz4lyfe.

    Anyway, if i was to win, i think i would prioritize spending the voucher on some new shoes as i am tired of seeing my friends strut in their funky wheels while i just shuffle along in my h&m mock vans lol. (i do love them though, they are red velvet. or at least they used to be... i think they're more brown now, but it's cool.) So, i would go for the 'Chloe Cut Out Lace Up Brogues' as they are different to what i would usually buy and would be pretty handy as i could wear them in any season. (apart from snow. i would have moist feet.)

    With the remainder of the voucher, i would go for a coat as i bought a generic green one from zara last year that i've been wearing and i am sick of the sight of it!! who decided that khaki green was the 'go to' colour for coats. i have no idea. but yes, to rebel against the masses i think i'd get the 'Celine Teddy Faux Fur' coat mostly because it looks like the fluffiest thing ever and i want to rub my face all over it.

    and omg i have just found the 'Carrie Feather Strappy Heeled Sandals'. scrap everything else i will get these x1000. they remind me of clueless. im dying.

    so yes! that is what i would use the voucher for. sorry if i sounded partially insane, it is way past my bedtime. keep up the good blogging!!.. is that even a good thing to sign off with? i have no idea. o gawd.

    ~Anna (@cyndaphil on twitter if that helps. you followed me!! thank you! (~:)

  31. Those boots are amazing!! I'd love the aubergine or black pvc skirt and the silver ring choker.

  32. loveeee this outfit :) that coat is so cute! i'd definitely pick these heels: http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/155496/s/lasercut-tie-back-heeled-sandals-black/category/450/
    lydia xx

  33. Damn girl you look good! I'd opt for the moxie crepe duster coat which is pink! I'd wear it on a stroll to the forest followed by a cute picnic :) we've told each other no presents this year because we're saving so this outfit would be the perfect treat! X

  34. all the item is perfection but if i have to choose i would love to have the lilac coat... i'm in love with that item right now! that is so fancy awesome and i really love it and by the way that look so good on you! that makes me want it so so bad... i love missguided!

  35. Hey Kayla! Loving your pink hair, always wanted to dye my hair a super cool colour like that but my mom is super strict bout that kind of funk :( Anyways, just wanted to say, love love love all your outfits you put up, a great inspiration place for my style, and kudos to all your effort you put in this blog!

    If I were to get this Missguided Gift Card, I would definitely get the Leather T Bar Strap Bralet Black because it's a super cute high fashiony piece that looks super sophisticated and is vegan which I love :)
    I also would totally get the Classic Fedora Dusky Pink because I am soooo into the colour pink, and a pop in my spring closet is the best.

    Have a good evening, babe!

  36. I recently followed your instagram and discovered that you also run a blog, which is quite entertaining and very well written! You are now officially one of my inspiration bloggers.

    As for the competition, the Auberta Pleated Midi Skirt in navy has been on my wishlist for months now, ever since I saw the movie "Like Crazy" (which I definitely recommend if you're into sad/romantic films), the main character, Anna, made a habit of wearing these and it made me fall in love with them. I think the main reason though, behind why I love this skirt so much is because it gives off a nice, classic 50s vintage fashion look which I am currently (and have been for ages) obsessed with. My mum used to wear these all the time when I was growing up too.

    Another thing which I stumbled upon was the Check Buttoned Trench coat, which would make a perfect spring coat for me as trench coats are usually quite light and don't make you too hot when you wear them. It has a nice casual look but also gives off a nice, classy vibe. I've been in love with trench coats for years however the plain, classic, beige ones aren't good enough for my liking. So coming across one like this, with a simple pattern, yet not too boring, is a pure bonus.

    Keep writing your amazing blog posts Kayla and have a good day :-)



  37. Hey Kayla,

    You look great in these photos, I love how you've styled the top and skirt together. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day either, although I'm having an Anti-Valentine's Day with my friends this year! (Don't worry, we won't be egging houses - but we will be man hating with Ben & Jerry's and a good dose of Sex and the City).

    Missguided have some amazing clothes and I'm always lusting after something on their website. If I won the £70 I would spend it on their 'Over The Knee Low Heel Cleated Boot' as I love how they look with mini skirts, like you've styled here - they look so 60's and warm without having to wear tights. I have wanted a pair for ages but have never been able to justify the price to myself! Alternatively I have a university ball coming up soon (to celebrate being halfway through my medical degree after 2 and a half years!) so I would buy one of Missguided's maxi dresses (maybe the 'Aaliah Lace Side Split Maxi Dress' or the 'Lace Insert Split Side Plunge Maxi Dress') - lace is so sexy and the side split would flash a bit of leg, without being too over the top.

    Keep writing, your blog posts never fail to make me laugh. I think you just have an entertaining personality (which is definitely a compliment!) :)

    Hannah xx


  38. Great giveaway! If I won, I'd pick this bodysuit: http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/160470/s/sleeveless-plunge-crepe-bodysuit-black/category/485/

    I really like Missguided because is innovative, very cheap, trendy and a sexy brand that produces feminine clothes :)

    Debora Ferri

  39. Omg as much as I love your skirt (especially with those sparkly fishnets) I'd love to buy that lilac coat if I won since the pockets look so deep and the cut of it looks amazing!
    Plus I live in Australia so I'm on the lookout for the perfect coat/ jacket to stay stylish during the cooler winter months :)



  40. The lilac coat you are wearing is so nice! Though, if I would win I would get training clothes from the new Misguided active collection! I'm very motivated to go to the gym, go running, do yoga etc right now so I am craving new training clothes. With the blue printed gym leggings and the matching blue racer back printed bra I would be the most fab person at the gym.
    I would also like to get a new cute outfit for my birthday which is in four weeks. I would love to wear the baby pink alycia fluffy cropped jumper (which is so cute!) and a new skirt. There are so many nice ones that I can't decide which one at the moment. Maybe also a chunky necklace with this outfit!
    xx Lovisa


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  41. I love this outfit so much! I have the boots already and they are to die for, I literally wear them all the time. Also, not much of one for celebrating valentines, gives people an excuse to only do special things for someone on one day of the year...
    If I were to win I'd probably buy the
    Woven High Neck Strappy Shift Dress Burgundy Stripe and the Scuba A-Line Shift Dress Monochrome Stripe as I'm really into stripes at the moment and they would go so well with those boots! xx


  42. Love your outfit I'll definitely be celebrating Valentine's by not doing anything, long live us!

    If I were to win (and gosh, do I hope!) I'd definitely get the Tupele Chunky Boots, I've been looking for a black boot with a white chunky sole for soooo long, but I'm always broke whenever I find one :( so it's my #1 staple that I'm looking for!


  43. Completely gorgeous! I love the layout of your blog, which beautifully accents your voice, and your style. I adore how you are able to maintain your unique originality by staying true to yourself through your blog, and this is something I totally respect you for- keep blogging!
    ~Sara from myturquoisesummerdress.blogspot.co.uk

  44. I'd love to get the Brigitte Ripped Super Skinny Jeans in Black or some kind of similar black ripped skinnies as I've needed a pair for so long. Maybe the lace up boots in oxblood (or maybe black... but I should really branch out from black or white. Actually, maybe I should get them in white! :P)

  45. I love misguided because they have styles to suit any occasion and anyone! I'd love to buy the acid pink sports bra from their active range and the coat you're wearing here looks amazing too!

  46. Starting to get back into Missguided and really want to get some of their active/sportswear and their crop tops!

  47. I've had my eye on the Misguided floral cut out skater dress and the mesh waist detail mini dress in white! Ah i love them so much :')
    Thanks Kayla!!

  48. Lovely outfit!!

    If I were to win the competition I would snap up the latest wish list which I've just done on my blog, there is basically lots of lovely tops!


  49. I would love some of their faux suede dresses as they'd be such a chic wardrobe update!

  50. Normally misguided is somerhimg I just window show with as I can never afford anything from there. But if I could God I would love the boots you're wearing! I'm currently saving up to buy them as I probably won't win this, I never win anything haha x

  51. I'd get a similar pair to those thigh high boots as they're just killer! A few things from the Factory Girl Trend section as they're so simplistic and conventional. Also a pair of Arina platforms as I'm forever in need of extra height #5"2problems x


  52. id love the thigh high boots or the aubergine or black pvc skirt. their co ords are cool too and their silver ring choker!! xxx

  53. Hey Kayla. Goooooorrgeous outfit, you suit this look so damn much, especially with your hair! I love the mix of material textures, you really pull off patent and suede.

    What a great giveaway. I LOVE these boots from MissGuided, the mesh in the white is such a gorgeous look, So I would spend the voucher on these babies, and a tan suede skirt!! It's A line too which is perfect.



  54. Your hair looks lush!! And you look like a beauty as per usual
    As for the contest thing, i love misguided because they are not MISGUIDED at fashion (attempt at being funny over ha) they sell cool things. And if i was to win id either buy a bomber jacket or a faux fur coat!