Some of you may never have seen me with nails that actually look half decent, despite this, I am actually now a fully trained nail technician haha! Yay! For the past year I have been training and I wasn't allowed to wear acrylics during the training (therefore the weird haggard nails I had up until a few weeks ago) but now that I am fully qualified I can now make my nails as pretty as I so desire! Which brings me to this post.

Over the past few days I posted a few of the above photos on instagram and got lots of questions about them! The first being; What nail polish colour are you wearing? Unfortunately I'm not wearing nail polish (sorry!!!) this is an acrylic mix of acrylic powder, purple powder, purple glitter and holographic glitter!

Do you have a salon? I've only just qualified so unfortunately I don't yet have a salon, maybe in many years time I'll open a salon somewhere and I'll invite you all for a nail party!

What are acrylic nails? Acrylic nails are a mixture of liquid or powder applied to natural nails or nail extensions. Nail extensions create nails which are longer than your natural nails. They're super strong and can, within reason, be any shape and colour which you so desire! They will unfortunately weaken your natural nails, however my natural nails aren't that great to start with so I'm not too bothered aha! (if you've ever heard about nail tech's drilling your natural nails lemme tell you that they're not meant to do that, and that drilling natural nails actually will ruin them! They're also not meant to use a drill to push your cuticles back, sacrilege!!!!)

As for Can you do my nails? Well, I'd love to start acquiring a list of regular clients, however I'm not sure asking people on my blog is the best way to go about it. As a mobile nail technician you never know who is really booking the appointment when done over the internet and who's house you're really going to turn up at, so I think right now I'll probably stick to friends and family and then hopefully they will recommend their friends too. If you know me in real life feel free to message me!!!

I also got a question about what acrylic paints I use, I just want to confirm that acrylic paint and acrylic nails are completely different things, although acrylic paint is really good for nail art!!

How do I do my nails like that? There are so many tutorials on youtube, but I'd consider filming my nail endeavours if any of you are interested! Its quite an expensive hobby though, my full kit was £95 and that was with the student discount. There are many cheap starter kits on ebay and amazon, however beware as a lot of them contain illegal substances. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. Your nails are looking so cool Kayla! Congratulations on becoming a Nail Technician too :)


  2. Ah your nails look soooo cool, I'm so sad you haven't used a nail polish because I would be straight down to Boot buying it! And yay for now being a fully qualified nail tech!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Yas!


  4. omgosh if I was near you I would totally be at your door (not in a creepy way hahaa). I just had a bad experience with a nail tech and it kinda scared me off acrylics for a while. :(

    hercely ☽ | hercely.blogspot.com

  5. Wow, your nails look amazing! I'm super jealous, esp as mine are looking so tragic atm.



  6. I love your Nails :D They're looking AWESOME!
    The color looks pretty cool (Excusw My Englisch, I'm from Germany and I Love your Blog! So amazing!)


  7. congrats! I hope you love your new job, your new nails look fab btw


  8. Your acrylic holographic glitter nails look beautiful and amazingly perfect! I'd love to watch a YouTube tutorial of you doing it.
    I also love those beautiful fishnet tights!


  9. ooh wow your nails are soo beautiful, I'd love to get mine like it

  10. This is really wonderful thing, i am wondering why hadn't i seen this before!