A while ago I was contacted by Tezenis, a well known brand in Italy! I was really excited to collaborate with them as I've heard great things from other bloggers in the past as I follow a lot of european bloggers from my Lookbook.nu days! #tezenisyoung is a new campaign run by Tezenis to promote their new range which appeals to the younger demographic, you can follow all the nine bloggers from various different countries chosen to represent #tezenisyoung by searching for the hashtag!

Personally, swimwear isn't something I ever think about much as I haven't been outside the UK in almost ten years, and even when I go to the beach in this country I rarely wear a swimsuit as its too cold, but I did decide to pick out my favourites Tezenis styles. Just y'know, sat there, visualising myself on an Italian beach next to the pretty blue water.. So I chose these blue bikinis as I really love the colour, I've always had an obsession with royal blue, I remember being at primary school and being really annoyed that our school didn't have royal blue uniforms. Well now I have a royal blue swimsuit, ha!

Something I noticed when my Tezenis parcel arrived was that everything is really well made, I always think this is something most stores overlook because no one really wears swimwear more than five times (in this country at least) usually, we go on holiday, take five swimsuits, and wear one each day, and then throw them away when you get home, so most stores don't really care about the quality of swimwear. These however feel super sturdy, which is reassuring having had many a bikini mishap in my time. They also fit really well, yay!


  1. The star print one is so cute, it's good how high quality everything is as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. These are very cute pieces =] they suit you well


  3. I love the Tezenis bikinis! Follow them on Instagram, love their stuff!

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  4. I love tezenis i always buy all my underwear there! It is super lovely!


  5. love all the different styles and colours!


  6. Love the way you've styled the blue one with the fishnet top.

  7. I like that sexy and cute blue two piece.
    Awesome photos as well.