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  1. Jenessa Williams says

    I love your rainmac! I am completely obsessed with this yellow version, so bright and cheerful -

    I think it'd look fab layered over some cool dungarees –

    or with a bright little dress like this one -

  2. Girl from North London says

    Looking amazing as always xoxo

    I'm having an obsession with crochet atm so this bralet is right up my street:

    Bombers are perfect to throw on when it gets chilly at night and this on is perfectly oversized:

    And I love these dark floral wedges:

  3. tabitharoseox says

    I love the PU Asymmetric Wrap Skort, can be paired with so many things and gives you the security of shorts while enjoying yourself at a festival :

    A see-through plastic mac is also a must-have, especially if you have to deal with the unpredictable British weather. Be prepared for all weathers, whilst still looking fabulous! :

  4. Meg Siobhan says

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  8. Zandra May says

  9. Panty Buns says

    You've styled yet another very pretty outfit – and all of the outfit pieces are from Topshop? I love the clear raincoat, and how it lets your pretty outfits show through. It's a nice outfit piece to own what with the unpredictability of Spring showers. I love the looks of the button up skirt, the nice cintrast to your hair provided by the yellow crop-top, and the thigh high socks.

  10. Grace Elizabeth says

  11. Vivian Marie says

    Hello! I love your socks paired with your crop top- the yellow makes me happy! Also, the bag is where it's at. Dayum.

    My outfit is very optimistic that the rain will stay away (which I know I'd be in real life, and probably end up wrong and soaked – which may or may not have happened to me multiple times before- BUT LET'S CONTINUE THE TREND! WOO!)

    1.)) So, I've made the base item this Orange Cold Shoulder Ribbed Top (which looks pastel-ish, but the reviews say it's neon in the flesh) and orange will be our main colour because it's bright and says "YAY FESTIVALS"!

    2.)) Overtop the shirt will be the MOTO Vintage Wash Pinafore Dress because I think it would look really cool paired with the cutouts from the above shirt.

    *2.5)) Just out of consideration that you're at a festival and may not be comfortable wearing a thin, short dress and having a bunch of strangers pressed around you, I've added in these little soft shorts that you can put under your dress, just to make you feel more comfortable. They're Viscose, so they'll be soft and lightweight and won't feel bunchy under there. Obvi it's optional, but I'd prooooobably do it.

    3.)) Coooontinuing our orange trend and giving the outfit a more festival-y feel is this Stripped Hooded Cape to throw overtop! It'll give you some protect from the sun's rays or cover your hair from any sprinkles (maybe not buckets though) that fall from the sky, while making you look hot dayum.

    4.)) Oh, you need some more orange? You gotcha. Adding some essential eye wear to the look with the Warrior Wayfarer Sunglasses.

    5.)) Too keep all your prized possessions in and continue the orange trend AND MATCH THE SUNGLASSES’ BLACK FRAMES (AH! MATCHING CRAZE!) is the Mini Boxy Tote.

    6.)) Annnd last but not least are the black KANGEROO Espadrilles.
    You coullllld wear the neon orange pair to continue the orange pattern (, …but even I felt like that would be a little overwhelming – but if you’re feeling it, DO IIIIT.

    So that is my Topshop festival outfit! I hope you have a secret closeted affinity for orange, or else I could be in some trouble, haha. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! I would definitely wear it. 🙂

    ([email protected])

  12. rubymary6 says

    Firstly I have to say how much I love you and your style, I think you're a real inspiration to girls and boys, like me, everywhere showing them it's okay not to dress like everyone else and that they can express themselves in what they wear and look great doing it. I really admire you a lot for doing what you do x This collection had a lot of really nice items, here's my favorites XOXOXOXOXO

  13. Charlotte says

  14. Imogen Oakes says

    Hey, really enjoyed this post, you chose some great pieces, particularly love the raincoat, also really loving all the boiler suits / all in ones Topshop have in this festival edit but I'm a big fan of layering for festival wear, whether it be with clothes or a million and three necklaces.
    If I were to choose an outfit (all though maybe not a very original one – but hey. I'm a creature of habit!) I'd start with a cute white tee like this one ( ) it's super plain but the pom pom and embroidery detailing are super cute, I'd pair that with some denim dungaree shorts like these ( ) because although I love the look of white or black dungarees, they aren't as practical; denim looks better after it's been worn in and that's just what's going to happen at a festival! Then I'd pop on an oversized shirt (see: ) for the obligatory double denim and a bit of warmth, then to finish it off I'd get some awesome gladiator sandals like these FigTree ones ( ) and some layered turquoise jewellery (or pre layered: ).
    Thanks for doing this giveaway, it was a fun thing to think about and comment on, again, really loved this post, your photos as always are phenomenal and your hair looks great.
    Thanks 🙂 xx

  15. Cëxzey says

  16. Morgan Renwick says

    Love the outfit Kayla!

    This is my outfit…


  17. Emily Underworld says

    I love your outfit – I have a skirt like that, and the poppers sometimes come undone when I sit down haha!
    I'm loving everything bardot-style right now, especially this Floral Print Tie-Strap Bardot Top: ( I also love this Crochet Mini Skirt!: (

    Emily /

  18. Faye Jones says

  19. Rina Doll says

  20. Lily Kitten says

    You look amazing in this post (as ever!) and the primary colours really suit you! 🙂

    My favourites from the Topshop Festival collection would have to be this fringed jacket with this incredible dress – so perfect for summer festivals (weather permitted!):

    Fingers crossed – thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    [email protected]

  21. Sophie West says

  22. Lovisa says

    I LOVE festivals and it's always a perk to look fab while being there.
    I would definitely wear a pair of denim shorts, a cute baby blue crop top and a matching flower crown. This makes a cute and functional outfit. If it would rain at the festival, I would put on a clear rain coat (with pastel trims that will match the outfit!!!), and a pair of wellies.
    For sunny weather I would wear a pair of round sunglasses, and put on a pair of knee high-socks if it's get chilly during the night.

    And what can not be forgotten, most important part: glittery nail polish!!

    Denim shorts:

    Ribbed baby blue crop top:

    Flower crown:

    Pastel trim clear plastic rain mac:

    Obligatory glittery nail polish:

    [email protected]

  23. Lauryn Hall says

  24. Caroline Vincent says

  25. planettilly says

  26. Sara Johansson says

    Since the yellow raincoat is already taken (by multiple people! But it's gorgous so I don't blame you) I'm gonna go with this cropped lace top with flared sleeves. Just thinking about this together with a button up denim skirt makes me all ahhh <3
    (I'm sorry if I've accidentaly sent this more than one time…. it keep disappearing so I'm not sure if it has sent it or not :/)

  27. Lise says

  28. Pernille Franciska says

  29. Sheila Shepheard says

  30. Kimberley Turner says

    I'm so into the bardot tops for festival season, especially if there's some fringe included!
    But you of course need to always have your trusty rain mac, the see through are so trendy, absolutely love it!

  31. Arielapetraglia says

  32. Mary Chez says

  33. Lily says

  34. Maralyn Smith says

    Love the striped ponch – great for when it gets cooler in the evenings, the striped Bardot dress is lovely and the sunflower cropped cami! That's me sorted! I love so much more, but hey, I can't be greedy!

  35. kathy hart says

    this has been on my wishlist for about 2 years lol, still not on it #productive

    these make me happy in a way that only stripey trousers can <3 <3

    probs the only thing that could trump a pair of clogs for me rn

    i also never realised that this is what's been missing from my life for years

    i would deffo invest in a button down denim skirt!!!!!! i have a £10 primarni one nd it's fabulous

    much luv x

    [email protected]

    • kathy hart says

      ps – deff wouldn't style these things together!!!!!! unless i wanted to look like a refugee from some sort of jumble sale lolz, just my fav individual items <3

  36. Perona Kazeshini says

  37. Laura Bretman says

  38. itsmisstazmin says

    Absolutely love this look! You can pull anything off! It's such a hard choice as I am in love with the festival / hippy look this summer. But I love the Floral wide leg trousers :

    and also the clear plastic rain mac as you can still look cute with it on as it still shows off your outfit! Such a great idea 🙂

  39. Olivia Williams says

  40. Phased says

    I'm raving over the Airtex plastic rain-mac with would go phenomenally well with the scarf print stip dress I can't by any of it because I have spent all my money at Unif!

  41. Olivia says

    I absolutely love the shoe collection! But my favourites are
    - (crocheted bra let)
    - (lace kimono)
    - (floral skirt)
    - (glitter raincoat)

    I think you could almost wear them all together for a kind of dark, retro vibe! You would definitely look super cool.

  42. Sophie Jones says

  43. Anonymous says

    Your hair, outfit, makeup and basically everything is perfect you're like my queen tbh

    I'm going to Belsonic Festival to see Stereophonics for my birthday and the gift card would be really useful! This competition is like my holy grail and last hope for me to dress and impress!

    My ideal outfit from the Topshop festival range would be this Lace Bardot Dress
    with Wallflower Printed Wedges so I'm tall enough to actually see the stage!
    along with this Leather Tassel Crossbody Bag
    and a beautiful Elvina Floral Garland to imitate the boho look which I have been loving recently.
    Knowing UK weather, the sun won't be shining for long so I would bring along this cute Pastel Trim Clear Plastic Rain Mac so I can be dry and still look great!

    I love your blog and fashion and think this is a really generous competition, thanks for the opportunity! 🙂 x

    my email is [email protected] and you can find me on twitter @__qh0st__

  44. Taryn Kee says

    Ok so first, this collection is obvo amnazing bc most is already sold out! the links i've attatched are not meant as a put together outfit just some items i liked. (ps luv your blog Kayla xoxo)

    I love love love that Topshop has brought out a range of button down skirts , they're super cute and so good for summer. There's some really nice peices but i especially like the denim, it's such a nice shade!

    My second peice is this lovely litte crotchet crop, i think crotchet is a great trend and so perfect for festival season! The colours on this little high necked gem pair so well with a dark denim and would be perfect with some boyfriend jeans on a slightly chillier day!

    I just had to include one of Topshops see through macs, they're so great in every way! England = rain and with this collection you dont have to compromise your kick ass outfit to stay dry!!

    For some reason i have a soft spot for pinafore dresses and this one is soooo cute i love the zip down! The colour would pair so well with a navy turtle neck and you dont have to cry when summers over bc you can match the leaves in autumn.

    Looove this bardot dress it is the!! ultimate!! sundress!!

    And lastly, just to balance it out; a fab pair of platform wedges, bc your outfit can always do with a touch of holo courtesy of these uh huh HONEY wedge sandals;)

    Thank you!!
    (My email is [email protected] and you can find me on instagram: @tarynamykee)

  45. tracy sinclair says

  46. Laura Caraher says

  47. Ailera says

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  50. Arya says

    first of all,I love love love your pastel hair since the day i've seen your blog
    and outfits are rocking <3
    festivals do not happen much in our country but i'd love to visit other countries festival,it's been my lifelong dream to visit other countries and enjoy their festivals,so i picked some outfits that i'd actually love to wear in occasions
    first,this crochet high neck culotte jumpsuit,it has really some festival color and feeling
    then this combo-
    layered fringed kimono-
    folk print crop top-
    moto vintage ripped mom shorts-
    figtree gladiator sandals-
    oh and this striped bardot dress-
    and this leather tassel crossbody bag-
    this odelina floral garland- too
    have a festival full year everyone 🙂

  51. Maria says

    I love the Strappy Tassel Tie Sundress because it'd be perfect for a faerie/elf inspired look but I also love the High Neck Victoriana Dress which would look AMAZING AND ETHEREAL with the City Lace Duster By Native Rose. And now I need that outfit!

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