This look is the last of the Tezenis outfit collaborations that I've done, this particular outfit was for the Tezenis Young summer theme! Its actually the perfect weather for this outfit right now, its so nice and warm outside!! Of course I'm still wearing tights and socks, not that fishnets really keep the warm in aha, I mean they don't need to, really they're just for effect! Without them I feel as if my legs are rather exposed to the world or when I don't have long socks on covering the majority of my legs, I actually wore thigh high socks so much when I was in Weymouth that I got a slight tan on my thighs and the rest of my legs are still completely white, oops!

This is the dress which I was given to style up for the summer look, again like my previous Tezenis look, its a basic piece which can be styled in lots of different ways. Recently I've been really into the idea of more basic pieces of clothing, maybe its because I'm a bit older and I'm not so into being completely crazy, or maybe I've realised that less is more as long as you have a few extra crazy things to pair with the basic items, but I do really like this dress, it feels really well made and the fabric is really nice too. It reminds me of the expensive jersey I used to have to buy when I was at uni and we were doing our jersey fabric term. I decided to go with a black-white and purple theme. I had just purchased this lilac gym bag which I pretty much take everywhere with me always stuffed with extra clothes just incase I want to throw something on for a photo. When I was on holiday I filled it full of beachwear, beach towels and food for the beach and I think I'll take it to the park in the future with a picnic which makes it perfect to pair with this dress for summer!


  1. outfit on point like always <3

  2. love your sunglasses and this simple look!


  3. the head bag is awesome ^.^ i have an orange one!

  4. The outfit is adorable, I love the stripped high knee socks. I have the same exact cocker xD xxx

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