Over the weekend myself and my boyfriend went to Kendal Calling with Cat Footwear! Our initial thoughts were "oh its a bit muddy" which wasn't ideal but at least I had my CAT boots as they actually do what they say on the tin, which is protect one from glorious mud. Thankfully we were camping in the overflow field which was really nice and grassy and there was plenty of space for us to all set up tents, also the portaloos (for some reason, my brain seems to think that portaloos and mud are the most important aspects of a festival that I need to discuss with you guys) were actually compost toilets and they were so clean and spacious!!! You know when you go in a portaloo and you're scared of your elbows getting a disease? Well thankfully we didn't have that problem at Kendal, so yay!

Ok, portaloo and mud discussion over and moving onto the actual festival. When we arrived, there were golf buggys waiting to drive us to the camping area which was amazing! We had to put our luggage in a little tow truck and then we hopped aboard the buggy and it took us to wherever we wanted to go. I've never experienced that at a festival before, it was really helpful! Granted we didn't go far, but it was nice not to have to drag our luggage around the campsite! After we had set up our tent we went to explore and get some food and we also drank some Funkin Cocktails, (and we got some wellies for Ryan haha, thanks Oxfam!!!) we noticed very quickly that there was a random mini stage that just continually played Cher with one singular dude in the audience, all on his own. He just kept dancing to DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE DUN DUN DUN DUN which was absolutely hilarious (he was also there the second day lol). Now that I look at the website, I feel as if we couldn't find half the attractions that we wanted to go see, unfortunately there were no maps given out, I would have found it really helpful if there were. I really wanted to visit the late night cinema and sit around the campfire in the evenings but we couldn't find either of them so that was a bit of a let down, but we did have lots of fun at the mainstage and Ryan got to see some bands that he really liked (The Vaccines + The Horrors) so I think he enjoyed that!

The second day there was thankfully no rain and the sun came out in full force which was soo nice, I had decided to wear 10 layers into the arena as it was quite cold in the morning, so I was absolutely boiling by about 2pm but I gave my granny cardigan to Ryan who looked totally groovy wearing it hurhur. The mud dried up so I was over the moon!! We stayed at the mainstage for the majority of the day, we managed to get right to the front and take the first photo of this post, it was really pretty because the sun was shining right over the stage! We watched the The Horrors, I literally had no idea who they were but apparently Ryan loves them so we watched them and they were really good, the lead singer is hilarious, he has a very dry sense of humour. After The Horrors we got super hungry and went to get food, and we found a tent that had sofas and cheesy chips with bacon (omg heaven) so we just sat there for a while as it was extra comfy and then went to do a bit more exploring. Unfortunately then my phone died and my external charger decided it didn't want to charge my phone (what the heck external charger!!!) so there are no more photos from Sunday :( We did end up leaving early as the rain started up again on Sunday and we were dreading the everyone-leaving-the-festival rush on Monday morning so we decided to get a head start, and shared a taxi with a nice drunk man back to the train station. Unfortunately we missed the band that I wanted to see the most, Kaiser Chiefs who were one of my favourite bands when I was about 11, but I've seen them before so it wasn't that much of a big deal thankfully!

Thank you to CAT for sending us to Kendal we had so much fun and my CAT boots definitely served me well whilst I was there!!


  1. Such cute outfits you look amazing.
    I like the way you write, you're funny.


  2. your hair goes with everything you wear, its so pretty!


  3. wow wow wow what a lovely Festival and time
    i love ALL your Outfits
    you are so inspiring hun <3

    hope you'll visit my blog too AMELY ROSE

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! I'm jealous, 'cause I've never been to a festival before, but I hope to one day :)


  5. Your outfits are awesome, and the event looked like so much fun <3